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NEET topper says classical music, meditation helped her beat exam stress

The girl topper from Navi Mumbai says she did not follow fixed study hours



Nandini Maiti from Apeejay School, Nerul, says Biology is her strength and that is why she decided to take the NEET-UG exam. Having scored an impressive 673 out of 720, she is gearing up to join a top medical college in the country. Read more to know about how she prepared for the entrance exam:

How do you feel about scoring so well in NEET?

My parents and teachers are very happy with the score although I expected a little more. But it is okay and I am looking forward to starting my journey.  

Have you shortlisted the colleges you would like to enroll in?

I have to choose between King Edward Memorial Hospital and AIIMS Nagpur.

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How did you decide to pursue medicine?

My strength lies in Biology. So, I was always inclined toward pursuing medicine as a career. My parents also want me to become a doctor. That is why we finally went for NEET coaching.

What was your schedule like during your preparation?

I had to manage both school and coaching. Once home, I would study as long as I needed to complete a particular topic and then take a break. There were no fixed hours as such. To maintain a balance, I would also take out time to chat with my family members or sing raagas. I also did meditation at times.

Are you trained in Indian classical music?

I started in class 6. Till now, music has just been my hobby. It is also a great stressbuster for me.

Can you share some preparation tips for NEET aspirants?

You can depend completely on NCERT books for NEET. Of course, there are some high-order books that you can also refer to for better conceptual understanding. Teachers usually guide you about this. Besides, solving previous year question papers and sample papers is very important. At my coaching centre, we were made to solve a paper every day, which was a great help. A major chunk of your NEET preparation is covered if you solve previous year papers.

In what ways did your parents and teachers support you?

I cannot thank my parents enough for the way they supported me throughout my journey. Not once did they impose their expectations on me, which can otherwise cause a student to lose focus. Instead, they motivated me even if I did not do well in the mock exams—they told me to believe in my potential and focus on the main NEET exam. I would also like to thank my younger brother, who studies in Apeejay Nerul, for his continued support.

Meanwhile, my teachers encouraged and helped me in every way possible. They were always available whenever I had any doubts or needed assistance with something. I am really grateful to them.

Disha Roy Choudhury is a Principal Correspondent at Apeejay Newsroom. She has worked as a journalist at different media organisations. She is also passionate about music and has participated in reality shows.