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Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle: Ellen Austin



By Ekachit Khullar

IN 1881, the 210 feet-long Ellen Austin ship was passing through the middle of the Bermuda Triangle from London to New York when the captain of the ship, Captain Bake, saw an unidentified small ship travelling next to them.

Captain tried to make contact with the boat for 2 days but no response was received. Then he and his crew stepped on the sailboat, only to find no human signs. The ship was completely loaded with supplies. So, the captain decided to bring the abandoned ship to shore with them. For that, he sent a paid crew to bring that ship to land. Until about two days, everything was normal.

Suddenly, a storm struck and the paths of both ships got separated. The ship got lost. After this incident, Captain Bake tried to find that ship for days. One day, he saw it sailing mysteriously again.

Through his telescope, he again tried to bring it to land by sending the paid crew once again. They too suffered the same fate. Later, this was told to the owner of Ellen Austin. After hearing this, he sold the company. The new organisation who bought it changed its name to META.

The mystery is still unresolved because some people say that they can spot that unidentified ship. According to eyewitnesses, a lot of locals believe that while sailing their boat for fishing around Florida, they see a pirate ship sailing through the route from London to Florida. And, from the ship, people have heard screaming sounds to turn back.

According to urban legends, in the year 1701, a pirate ship was sailing through the area of this Devil’s triangle, now called the Bermuda Triangle. From nowhere, a giant squid which was considered a mythical creature called ‘Garggantos’ until then, was seen. After this, the spirit of the ship started sailing through the routes of the Bermuda Triangle. Whoever stepped on the ship or travelled from the same route was consumed by the monster. Many travellers have drowned and the spirit of the pirates have always warned them not to go further in the waters.

So, if all the points are collated, we find that the ship Captain Bake saw was the pirate ship which wanted to take the captain with it. He got saved twice.

Multiple search operations have been held to find the truth. Finally, in the year 1822, a ship was taken out from the wastelands of the Bermuda Triangle where 21 dead people were confirmed on the ship. Out of them, 9 were pirates who tried to hijack it. From its remains, it was clear that the ship was from the late 1600s. But, another version of the same story mentions 43 pirates and it is said that the ghosts of that ship still haunt people.