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My first day at Communique India



By: Rahul Gupta

The first day at a new job can be an exciting  and nerve-racking  experience,  particularly when you are starting in a role that requires creativity and strategic thinking. As an Executive of Design and Concept at Communique India, an experiential marketing company, my first day was filled with a range of new experiences and challenges.

For the uninitiated, experiential marketing is all about creating immersive experiences for customers, with the aim of building strong brand loyalty and driving sales. As an Executive, I play a critical role in developing creative concepts and designs that bring these experiences to life. So, my first day involved a range of tasks and activities. Gradually, I understood more about my colleagues and the company’s culture. They asked me to give my introduction and told me their expectations.

This further helped me understand the values and goals of the company, as well as the expectations of my role in it.

Before joining I did have this feeling that I’ll be asked to put forward my ideas on the first day itself, and that really happened. I was asked to review past campaigns and projects to get a sense of the company’s approach to experiential marketing. This gave me an idea of the creative direction the company has taken in the past, as well as any successes or challenges that may be relevant to my work.
To create effective experiential marketing campaigns, I need to possess a deep understanding of the brand and the target audience. So, I did spend some time familiarising myself with the brand’s values,  products,  messaging, as well as the demographics and psychographics  of the target audience.
Soon, I was assigned to conceptualise a campaign with the given brief. I started researching and developing concepts and designs for the campaign, which  involved brainstorming ideas, sketching out designs, and presenting ideas to the rest of the team.
Overall, my first day at Communique was filled with new experiences, challenges, and opportunities to collaborate with a team of creative and strategic thinkers.

With an open mind for creativity and willingness to learn more, I am trying my best to improve every day.