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Meet the young techies from Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park

The team of five have created ‘Epiphanes’, a Linux-based operating system for students and professionals



To ace this fast-paced digital world, acquiring new skills is the need of the hour. Even at home, students and professionals throughout the Covid-19 pandemic have consistently worked towards learning new things.

If the pandemic has seemingly dulled your spirit, here’s how this team of techies at Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park will inspire you! Class 10 students, Aaranya Vinit, Pranay Chopra, Neil Virmani, Lavitra Aggarwal and Gunvir Singh have collectively designed an Operating System named Epiphanes OS. Starting to work at it in class 9 itself, the team has completed a Debian-based Linux distro for people who are new to the world of Linux. Their OS is currently in its alpha state with all the necessary software installed. How did they make it? Read On:

How and when did you begin with the creation of the Operating System?

Aaranya: We are a team of five. I am the Lead Developer of the project and my classmates have each of their own responsibilities regarding the OS. Pranay is the Ideator and Supervisor, Neil and Lavitra are the Creative Heads and Gunvir is leading the Marketing initiative.

We teamed up in class 9 as we came up with the idea for this project. All of us were regular users of the Linux Operating Systems and we faced many challenges when we began using it. Therefore, we decided to make an operating system that is easy to understand and is convenient to use. Currently, our model – Epiphanes is a modified Debian kernel.

How is Linux helpful for professionals and students?

Pranay: Linux has been there for many years. Several professionals use it due to its stability and security. It is also highly customisable. For students, Linux has everything necessary to start learning computers. It is exciting!

How is Epiphanes OS making it easier? What are the devices it is compatible with?

Neil: Ours is a system that is easy to understand. It is very light, fast, customisable and secure. It runs on every hardware.

What have been your key learnings while working on the project?

Lavitra: Patience. It was very important to achieve the completion of this project. Also, during the process of the system’s creation, our problem-solving skills were enhanced.  

What are some of the most effective software for students to learn?

Gunvir: Evernote, Zoom, One note and OBS. These are very popular nowadays.

How did Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park help while creating Epiphanes OS?

Aaranya: Our teachers have been motivating. They kept us going and encouraged us to face challenges and seek solutions at all times. 

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