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‘I am really happy about the placement that my daughter has got, thanks to the faculty at ASM’

Mr Pankaj Tyagi, father of Apeejay School of Management student Akansha Tyagi, says he is more than satisfied with the strides that his daughter has made in her career



Akansha Tyagi is a second year, Post Graduate Diploma in Management student at the Apeejay School of Management (ASM), New Delhi. Her father, Mr. Pankaj Tyagi, is a businessman. In an exclusive interview, he shares the reasons behind his daughter’s progress, job placement and excellent performance at the college. Edited excerpts:

Why did you choose  Apeejay School of Management   over other universities for your child’s admission?

ASM was actually my daughter’s choice. These days, students know more about which college is suitable for them in accordance with the course of their interest.  We, as parents, are not that aware at times. So I had faith in her choice and supported her decision. She has always liked  the Apeejay School of Management. She had friends at ASM who gave good reviews about the college, so I think that was also a reason behind her decision.

Please tell us about your child and take us through her progress at the Apeejay School of Management?

My daughter loves to study. She is devoted to that. She hardly leaves her room.  She isn’t actually much interested in other activities. She loves to study everything related to marketing which is her major discipline. She likes to read novels. Her favourite novel is Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.  I think she likes it since her dad is poor (laughs). She also loves to read the scriptures and often takes references from them. Currently she is reading  Manusmriti. She has read the Bhagavad Gita as well. 

She is introverted nature-wise. She doesn’t mingle easily with people. She has a good friends circle but doesn’t talk much with family relatives. At ASM, she is performing well. She has recently been placed from the campus as a sales manager at Tata Capital Finance. I am very happy with that. The placement is very good indeed. She has been performing well in her studies and that is the reason behind this success.

Are the teachers engaging well with the students?

Yes, the teachers are very nice. Akansha tells me that Professor Ishita Adhikari teaches very well. All the classes are happening on time and she is able to understand and grasp everything.

What is the best thing about ASM?

I think the college management is the best. Everything happens timely, the online classes happen regularly so it is all good.

Please tell us about your perceptions regarding the online classes?

Online classes have become a necessity owing to the pandemic. I think the students are missing out on the freedom and exposure of college time. They are also losing out on the knowledge one gains from interacting with one’s peers. The frankness one gains from one’s college days is also missing.

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