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Hunt for a chocolate box



By Saanvi Mahajan

Jack and Jennie were twins who lived in New York. The siblings were addicted to chocolates since childhood. One day, when they were coming back from school they saw their mother holding a branded chocolate box outside a shop. They both tried to guess what could be in the box and got happy that their mother might surprise them with a box of chocolate.

When their mother reached home, they saw the chocolate box lying on the kitchen table. They both had a smile on their faces. After having their lunch, the siblings asked their mother about the chocolate box, but she was busy talking to her clients and said, “Yes I have kept it.”

The next day was Saturday, so they decided to find the box when their mother would leave for the office. But it was quite difficult for them as their nanny was there to take care of them. They both planned to send her and Scooby (the dog) for a walk. As they stepped out, they both ran into their rooms and dressed as a spy. Jennie wore a pink jumpsuit while Jack wore a black jumpsuit. They both carried their walkie–talkie and started their hunt for the chocolate box.

Jennie and Jack decided to find the chocolates first in the kitchen. Jennie looked into the fridge while Jack looked in the drawers. After a few minutes, they both took a deep breath as they couldn’t find it. Further, Jennie decided to search in the living room, and Jack checked on the top floor.

After ten minutes of searching, Jack excitedly shouts “yes we did it!” He called Jennie on the top floor and they opened the box. All their excitement turned into disappointment when they found a discount coupon in the box.

A few minutes later, nanny and Scooby came back home. At night when everyone was having dinner Jennie asked, “Mom, why there is a discount coupon inside the chocolate box? Did you eat all the chocolates?” She laughed and said, “I was coming back from work on the train with my clients. So, I offered them chocolates and as the box got empty I thought to put the coupon inside the box.” Jack and Jennie looked at each other and said ,”Mission failed.”