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How the Covid-19 pandemic impacted our lives



By Akshita and Chhavi Sharma

Before 2019, our lives were simpler and happier. But, since the onset of the pandemic, our lives have become tough. However, through this crisis, we have learnt many things such as:

NEW TECHNOLOGY: Technology has a massive effect on education. We probably didn’t even know this before. Nowadays, we have web sites to cater to classes, meetups, video chats, etc. without opening a physical book or dictionary. We can solve queries simply by browsing or surfing the internet. We have applications that provide the facility to save our notes and carry them wherever we want.

IMPORTANCE OF CLEAN AIR: In the Covid era, the pollution measure of Delhi and NCR had decreased due to the less usage of vehicles. As per the guidelines of the Indian government, people were not allowed to travel, and so we learnt to replenish our natural resources.

However, this time brought with it a sea-change in the lives of many. Some adverse effects of the pandemic would include:

UNEMPLOYMENT: Lots of people across sectors lost their jobs. Companies suffered massive losses and the overall salaries of their employees were reduced.

STARVATION: Due to high rates of unemployment, people were not able to afford decent meals. This especially hit the poor population who were not able to buy food.

LACK OF EDUCATION: Due to the pandemic, many parents could not pay the fees for their children. This led to learning loss in the country.

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