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How my teachers and loved ones made stay-at-home interesting



By Adhiraj Chatterjee

Coronavirus Outbreak and education concept – Lockdown and school closures. Indian Mother helping daughter studying online classes at home. COVID-19 pandemic forces children and teachers e-learning
Adhiraj Chatterjee, Class 5b
Apeejay School, Pitampura

Covid has tested everyone in different ways. While people lost lives and livelihood, students also had a very difficult time. Life without school, endless holidays, and stay at home became the new normal. Who could imagine that life without the school routine could be so boring! Earlier, I used to drag my feet as my mother woke me early in the morning for school but now I was missing that very same routine and motivation.

However, as it is rightly said, what we are able to accept and adapt to can become a source of happiness. The promptness with which my teachers learnt the new technology of Zoom and Google Meet has been extremely inspiring for me. They mastered a new technology, about which most people had no idea, in a matter of a few weeks. The new kind of classroom was not made of chalk and board, rather it used interesting ideas about Power Point, YouTube videos and innovative Moodle assignments. Who could ever imagine that we, class five students, would be doing group PPT presentations!

The teachers kept our interest and enthusiasm alive in so many ways in spite of the trying times. In fact, I could even hear many of my friends speaking in class who generally kept quiet in physical classes. Everybody got an equal opportunity to speak in the new kind of class. The teachers made sure that we were all engaged and interested. Even as my father, a doctor by profession, fought a difficult battle in the hospital with the upsurge of Covid cases, my teachers seemed to hold my hand from far and they took me on a new journey of learning.

Finally, I also want to say that my grandparents inspired me a lot during Covid. They showed me how stay-at-home need not be a boring option. From gardening, cooking for everyone, and praying together, they showed me the value of following a simple everyday routine. Their simplicity and cheerful acceptance of the change gave me and my family a lot of courage. A year without fancy birthday parties and expensive outings just showed that so many things are quite unnecessary for happiness. Happiness can consist of silent time spent together nurturing nature. It is the spirit of togetherness and joviality in face of toughest challenges that matters.

Encouraged by my teachers and ably guided by my parents and grandparents, at no point in time did I feel completely bored. There was always something new to learn and enjoy that gave me a reason to wake up happily in the morning.

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