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How my talent for mimicry became my identity



By Tanishq Garg

“Talent is like flower, it needs watering to bloom”                   

On a Sunday evening, amid the harsh winter and drizzling rain, my father and I started chatting. It was about sending me to the hostel. I agreed, I don’t know why but it felt right. Yet, my mother was against it.

Our search started, and we successfully landed up in Dehradun to have a look at the campus. During my departure from the house, my mom cried. As we returned, she realised that the place was far more distant than she had anticipated. So, my dad found another boarding school. But the issue was that the school followed an I.C.S.E Board curriculum, and to be honest, it was seeming difficult from the C.B.S.E Board which I was used to. I gave the test but I didn’t receive a good enough result.

Among my extra-curricular activities, I used to perform mimicry of famous cartoon characters. Oftentimes, I used to record the same and upload it on YouTube. But, my talent was never much noticed, and so after a year, I deleted my channel. I became impatient and under-confident about my skill.

Then the final day came. Bone-chilling winter, as the night was the most terrifying for me. My mom packed my stuff and my relatives came to see me off. My family sobbed and I too got a bit emotional. It was approximately 2:30 Am when we woke up and the driver arrived. We were finally travelling to Nainital for my school. Once I reached there, I realised that I have left my friends, family, relatives and former school behind. It was the truth and I had to accept it.

After all the formalities were done, my interview was lined up with the administrative cell. At that time, the interviewer asked me “What are your hobbies?” I replied “I practice mimicry during my leisure time, ma’am”. She said, “Oh nice talent, please showcase that if you’re comfortable”. I felt that I finally got a place to show my talent.

I performed some parts in front of her. She sat there, astonished. She seemed impressed and I was glad. Soon, my family was supposed to leave the campus and I had to bid them farewell.

Back at school, I was fighting the most crucial battle in my mind. I got a new uniform, found a bed, an almirah, a desk in the class, and everything was new. I made one friend who helped me a lot to know all the rules.

While I was coming back to my dormitory, one day, I faced a senior. He called me, and I freaked out. He first asked “New admission?” I replied, “Yes”. Then, he asked for my introduction. I told him my name, hobbies and all. He asked, “Can you entertain me right now?”  “I replied “yes” and then I showed my talent to him. He called more of his friends, they called more and in no time a crowd gathered.

I started freaking out but kept the performance going on. After that, everyone in the school began to notice me. I was becoming famous. I built confidence and my housemaster gave me the title of “STAR OF THE HOUSE”.  

In August, I gave my first stage performance in a Hindi play. My dream was to act, it got fulfilled. I received a badge of honour too. I felt privileged.

Before my dad’s birthday, he came to meet me at the school. He didn’t know that I had become a mimicry star. So, when he asked about me, a student enquired, “Are you Shinchan’s dad?” He was confused. Then he met me and I gave him my badge of honour as his birthday gift. It was the most memorable day of my life.

Days passed, and on the last day of the session, everyone celebrated with parties, late night chapels and a talent show. I participated in a solo performance and was in the spotlight. It wasn’t easy at all. But that year made me realise how our life is our teacher. My talent made me popular, gave me my friends and built my identity.

Poetic गुफ्तगू – With हुमेरा खान @poetsofDelhi