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Every girl should know some or the other way of self-defence…

…declares Charvee Jain, the ‘Karate Kid’ of Apeejay School, Model Town



Apeejay Model Town Class 5 student Charvee Jain won a silver medal in the Jalandhar inter-district karate championship held recently. In an interview, she reveals the reasons behind learning Karate, her diet plan and future plans.

Which Karate belt do you have?

I have a yellow belt at present. It is the second belt which comes after the initial white belt.

Please tell us about your experience in the tournament?

It was my first time competing in a championship. It was really amazing. The level of the competition was high. I competed against two players: one with a brown belt and the other with an orange belt.  I won the first match but lost against the orange belt holder.  The opponents were very well-trained.  It was a nice experience for me.

What is your strongest move in karate and which move do you need to improve upon?

The front kick is my strong move. I am quite good at it. It is used to hit either on the stomach or on the legs. I think I need to practice the hook kick a little more. It is a kick in the face. I will have to work more on that.

How did the school help you in pursuing your passion?

The school has helped me a lot to pursue my talents. My teachers have encouraged me to participate in this championship. Without their support, this achievement would not have been possible.

Please tell us about your diet before the championship?

I had to take a properly balanced diet. It must be full of proteins and calcium for a person practicing martial arts.  I had lots of pulses with chapatis. I also ate lots of bananas with turmeric milk.

At what age did you begin to learn Karate?

I started practicing last year, towards the end of December 2020. 

What was the inspiration behind choosing to learn Karate?

I chose to learn Karate because I wanted to learn an effective form of self-defence. The world is not perceived to be safe for girls these days and so I believe that every girl should know some or the other way of self-defence.

 Which is your favourite martial arts film?

Karate Kid, the older version that released in the 1980s, is my favourite.

What are your future goals in this field, any new tournaments ahead?

I have an upcoming competition, the Thang Ta Karate championship. It is happening in Jalandhar at the end of September. I am focused on it and am preparing well.  

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