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Let’s eliminate single-use plastic



By Aryan Roy Paul

Single-use plastic can be referred to as ‘a slow poison for our society’, just like its synonyms – global warming, climate change and soil erosion. Before I delve deep into suggesting and introducing ways to phase it out, let me first give you a brief about its attributes.

As the name suggests, single-use is eligible to be used once. It’s made of petrochemicals (fossil fuel-based chemicals) and is used for packaging and service ware. As it is “single use”, it is cheap and is in demand, mainly by restaurant chains, caterers and packaging companies. Now the concern arises: should we consider single-use plastic an extraordinary invention that changed the course of people’s lives, or is it ‘an extra-ordinary’ plan to end humanity. For instance, to recycle a single-use plastic spoon, it takes two months, and yes, the spoon is used only for two minutes.

Well, we can eliminate this usage through our collective efforts. We can also take personal initiatives and  ensure that India becomes free of single-use plastic. If we start today, we should be able to slowly eliminate it from our lives in the following years. 

So, what do we do? 

Instead of plastic bags,  we can start using jute bags or drink water using metal straws. We can then promote these initiatives on social media stories or create public polls to reach out to as many people as possible to spread this awareness.

The government too can aid us in conducting campaigns on ‘elimination of single-use plastics’. In addition, we can introduce a new accessory called ‘Plastic Disposal Team’ (PDT) that will look into plastic landfills and recycling plants. We can also contribute by building semi-structures like railings, small police booths, red lights, park benches using recycled plastics.

I must say, if you put your heart into something and with a good intention, it’s a true initiative. There is no bigger power than taking a step towards a good cause while creating a meaningful impact not just for yourself but also for the society.