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Don’t give someone a peace of your mind



By Riddhi Jain

Anger is a feeling. It is felt when something has gone wrong. And thus, it tends to ruin your mood. For example, if you are walking on a footpath and suddenly a car rushes from nearby spilling muddy water on you. What would be your reaction? Yes, you will scream or get angry even though the act was clearly unintentional.

You can also get angry when someone messes up at work. Or hits you, insults you, screams at you or annoys you. 

But do we realise that when we feel angry, we get surrounded by many negative thoughts and emotions. We do things that we may not be proud of like screaming, breaking things, hitting someone, hurting ourselves, calling names, slamming doors, etc.

By the time we actually realise what we just did or said, it’s too late! 

Remember that the feeling of anger is temporary. However, its impact on others is permanent. When someone stronger than you makes you angry, you somehow hide those feelings. But if they are weaker, then you completely burst at them. A fit of anger can cause guilt, unhappiness, sadness, depression and sometimes even lead  to sleepless nights. We should remember that words can be forgiven but not forgotten.

It is normal to get angry. Everyone does get angry sometime or the other. But, you should try your best to not impose it on others. Now the question is, how?

Do things to distract yourself whenever you feel angry. Before expressing your emotions, think and identify the cause. It will help you vent out your emotions in  a better way. Engage in hobbies or read a book. Try to find the solutions and sort out the matter maturely. Forgiveness is the best way to stay sane. And most importantly, after everything is done, do not think about it because it will refresh the feeling of anger. 

Try to be polite to everyone around you. Be kind so that you can reduce the possibility of a dispute or argument.

Bear in mind that saying sorry would not reduce your self-respect. Try to be a person who can emerge stronger than anger. After all, anger is a gateway to hell while peace and harmony are gateway to heaven.