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Diwali is an emotion



By Shreya Malhotra

Diwali!!! This is not only a festival, this is an emotion. An emotion that narrates the tale of Lord Ram returning back to Ayodhya. An emotion for all of us to return to our homes.

Diwali is a big reason for all to return back to our families and meet them. To go back home and celebrate the festivities together.   

If I may ask, “What do you like about Diwali?”

For me, I like the lights of Diwali and of course new clothes. But something that I love is, I am going to my home. People who are busy in their studies or work for months are waiting for Diwali to go home and meet their families.

However, the Diwali festival is over for this year now it’s time to go back to work. The time has come again to go back to that unknown city where we have no one of our own. The only thing that is mine is the “laddu dhaba” that my mother gave while leaving the house. The only thing that is mine is that pickle that my mother made while sitting in summer. The only thing that is mine is the token of love that my father gave it to while leaving me on station. 

Ours is the hope that was in the eyes of our parents that one day we will become something and their staying away from us will be successful.

I don’t know why I keep crying when I leave the house. No matter how hard I try, I will not cry this time. I don’t want to cry so that I don’t make my mother and myself weak, still I keep crying. No matter how many months or years pass  we keep staying away from home, but every time the joy of going home and the pain of going back to work are the same.

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