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Digital skills yield economic benefit: Study finds



According to the study conducted by Gallup on behalf of AWS, workers with advanced digital skills earn 92 per cent higher salaries in India compared to those with a similar education who do not use digital skills at work.

The study has stated that workers equipped with advanced digital skills, including cloud architecture or software development, contributed an estimated Rs 10.9 lakh crore, or USD 507.9 billion, to India’s annual gross domestic product.

“Digital skills yield big economic benefits. We have seen dividends for India’s GDP to the tune of about USD 508 billion. People who have advanced digital skills, command higher salaries,” Rohit Kar, Regional Director (Australia, New Zealand & India) of Gallup stated as he shared findings of the report.

This study was conducted in two phases covering 2,005 working adults and 769 employers in India across a variety of public and private sector organisations and industries. —