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Conserve water before it’s too late



By: Mabondeep Singh

Everybody needs me but nobody wants to conserve me.  Why so? The water asks.

Observing the World Water Day, I have made this poster to showcase my creativity by conveying a message ‘Conserve water before it’s too late.’ Although, it’s already very late, as I have seen people being careless even after watching eye opening videos and messages on social media platforms.

Many preachers like, comment, and share these posts, but fail to implement it in their lives. Since childhood, we have read that earth is a blue planet as 3/4 of the planet’s surface is covered with water. Reality is only 1 percent can be used by us, and the rest is either in oceans or used in the form of vapours.

Apart from that, people are only concerned about the things that belong to them, that too materialistic, but they don’t care about the things that belong to the society.

If they see water dripping, they hardly close the running tap. In return they say, “We are not responsible for it.” But the reality is they are not aware of the water scarcity the world is already facing.

We take a lot from nature but when it comes to giving, we all take a backstep and refuse to take on duties. But let me tell you all rights come with duties.

So, kindly ponder on this question:

If earth is considered as the blue planet then why do we have scarcity of water? Finding answers to this question will lead you to many more questions to enquire and you, yourself will give a solution that yes, there is a need to ‘Conserve Water’.