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My first interview experience



By: Rahul Gupta

Being an advertising student, I was astonished when I entered the Communique office in Gurugram. We were a group of 37 people from the Advertising and Marketing batch of Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication.

All students were dressed up in their fine suits and shoes for this industry visit. I was very nervous as I was supposed to have my first interview with Mr. Tarun Aggarwal, CEO of Communique India. So with my heart beating a little faster than usual, I entered the office and was very impressed with the creative interior.

The minimalist colour combination of white and grey added a tone of class, neutrality, and balance to the whole ambiance. From a transparent conference room to the bathrooms having cute sign boards in front of the doors, the architecture of the whole building was very impressive. They had no cabins so as to keep the working environment interactive and engaging.

Mr. Aggarwal gave us a one hour session about the workflow of the company, departments, and what we are supposed to deliver if we want to be a part of his team. Later, he gave us a tour walk of the company and how they use it to the maximum. And after all that, our interview round started.

It was such a grand experience as I got the opportunity to give my first interview directly to the CEO of the company. The interview happened for 15 minutes and during the whole time, Mr Aggarwal talked to me very politely and calmly. He asked me about my work, what I can bring to the group  if I get selected, my hobbies, my previous experience, my technical skills, and how good I am with the software.

It was such an enlightening experience to have such kind of exposure and for that, I’ll be always thankful to my mentors Prof. Pijush Dutta and Prof. Mudita Raj of Apeejye Institute of Mass Communication.

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