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‘At Apeejay Pitampura, teachers improvise to keep students engrossed in online classes’

Shilpa Bansal, mother of Nursery student Chhavisha, lauds the teachers for being attentive to the needs of every student.



Shilpa Bansal with her spouse Tushar Bansal and daughter Chhavisha

Shilpa Bansal is a homemaker while her spouse Tushar Bansal runs a shoe manufacturing unit in Mangolpuri Industrial Area, Delhi. Their 3-year-old adorable daughter, Chhavisha Bansal, is studying in Nursery, Apeejay School – Pitampura. In a candid interview, Shilpa explains how despite the constraints of online education, her daughter has made rapid strides in foundational learning and life skills.

What did you pick Apeejay?

At the time of school admissions, I made a list of Top 10 schools in our area and Apeejay was No.1 on that list. I had heard a lot about Apeejay in my circle of friends and observed from close quarters the confidence exuded by Apeejay’s students. The school has set benchmarks in inter-school competitions, classroom teaching, infrastructure and various other aspects of education. It’s also known for grooming students in a wholesome manner so that they face the outside world with aplomb. The admission process was transparent and hassle-free.

How has been your journey so far?

Despite the pandemic and constraints of online teaching I am grateful to Apeejay for ensuring that Chhavisha has made tremendous progress in every aspect of holistic development. Before nursery, I tried enrolling Chhavisha in a couple of play schools but their online classes were not good enough to capture her attention. However, in Apeejay the classes are so engaging that Chhavisha is always glued to online proceedings. The teachers are attentive to the needs of every student. As a result she has improved tremendously. Initially, she was quite reserved and kept to herself. Now, she loves to socialise and freely express herself. Since joining the school, she began participating in numerous contests and cultural events, took part in debates, and even won an inter-school competition on Rhyme Chime. Her speaking skills have also improved drastically. I would like to specifically thank her class teacher, Ms. Kavita Ma’am.

Lots of parents give huge importance to communication skills. Why is it so?

Communication skills form the bedrock of your personality. When you are in a group conversation, effective communication skills speak volumes about your character and confidence. Also, communication helps individuals to express themselves in the most convincing way.

How have teachers contributed to students’ learning?   

The biggest strength of teachers is that they have the ability to create engaging online lessons to keep students engrossed. Teachers use multimedia to present content in a catchy manner and regularly solicit students’ opinions on the learning material at hand. Sometimes teachers come dressed up as fictional/non-fictional characters to explain a particular topic or issue. For example, recently teachers were in doctors getup while explaining about community health workers. This shows how important it is to improvise when you are imparting online education to little ones.

Share with us your most memorable moment.  

There are so many of them it’s difficult to pick one. If I have to pick one it would be Chhavisha’s performance as ‘Bharat Mata’ on Independence Day this year. She was appreciated by all.

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