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Is Artificial Intelligence making us lazy?



By: Rushil Mohan

“Artificial intelligence is like a double-edged sword that can make humans a beneficiary or could spell the end of it”

As the first year of the decade 2022-30 dawns, so does the aspiration of a lucrative and comfortable lifestyle. But back from eons of human generation, this aspiration hasn’t been truly realised. During the consequential decade of 2020-2030, many eccentric aficionados are determined and started their endeavors of making Artificial Intelligence (AI) the word of the day.

Scientists and visionaries claim that AI will invigorate the robustness of masses and will be an advantageous addition in the arsenal of development.

However just like a ying it has yang, this vivacious project also comes with pessimistic disadvantages, the first that is of no incredulousness is the idea of AI overthrowing their human landlords and becoming a constant threat for human development. Though this sounds something straight out of a science- fictional story, scientists also have encountered robots and AI showing hostility towards the human race and claiming to be their arch nemesis.

Another drawback from the intriguing gadget is its hospitality, which allows users to cut some slack and embrace hugge (a Danish term which means, getting comfortable). Though one may get appeased from these features, at a point of time. Once AI serves you for ages, the individual may become indolent and eventually his health starts to go downhill, which can affect his mental state as well.

Hence as Addendum, what should we do to prevent us from falling into such predicaments? Well AI, does sound like a cream of the crop. Self-reliance is a thing that gives one jubilance of true essence. So, we should keep ourselves at bay from artificial intelligence. However, it’s easy to get paranoid while following this, so it’s recommendable to use your gadgets but keep yourself monitored to avoid its overuse.