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Art Smart: Kritika Kushwaha from Apeejay, Nerul wins gold at Chinese art exhibition

The student achiever shares her inspiration and creative journey



Kritika Kushwaha

A class 9 student at Apeejay School Nerul, Navi Mumbai, Kritika Kushwaha is passionate about depicting life through her art. Her paintings have made it big at National and International-level competitions in Hyderabad, Belarus, and Turkey, to name a few. As part of her most recent achievement, her painting got selected at the 52nd World School Children’s Art Exhibition of the Republic of China. She also bagged a gold medal at the exhibition. In an interview, Kritika credits her art teacher at the school for her achievements, and gives insight into her creative journey. Edited excerpts:

What was your winning entry about at the Republic of China exhibition?

I made a painting about a train station being blocked by protestors. The idea came about during Covid-19 where lakhs of people across the world lost their jobs. My thought was to highlight how such a health-crisis has also led to a financial crisis, and how these jobless individuals are probably returning to their home towns faced with the adversity.

What inspires you for your art?

I started drawing and colouring in class 1 and my art teachers have always encouraged me. I am at a learning phase and I want to explore more. Going forward, I am keen to learn about Realism, the art movement that seeks to depict subject matter truthfully without adding fiction or superficial elements to it.

Do you enjoy human composition or abstract?

My art teacher has introduced me to a number of abstract paintings, and I have always felt very fascinated towards them. Gradually, I have also started to develop interest in depicting human figures and crowds. From these, I tie together a relevant idea to create my art.

What is the medium that you use?

I am currently using acrylic paints. Most of my art I do on paper but slowly I am learning and moving to creating them on a canvas.

Canvas can be a tricky medium, so do you have any tips for those wanting to try it?

Well, yes. I can say that working on a canvas can become easy. Its texture mixes very well with paints. But, one should know how to prepare the canvas and make a base before starting at it.

Do you wish to pursue art as a profession?

No, I would want to become a doctor. At the moment, I am interested in learning about Biology and Physics. Painting comes as a stress-buster for my academics. 

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