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‘Architecture enhances your creativity; your imagination soars’

The alumna of Apeejay Institute of Technology-School of Architecture and Planning, says that the faculty at this institute was good



For a lot of students, the thought of leaving the metro city of Delhi to pursue their higher studies can be a daunting prospect. They prefer to be surrounded by familiar faces. But this also means that one is limited when it comes to choosing a college or a university. But the good thing is that the Apeejay Education Society has a lot to offer to students who want to pursue higher education. The icing on the cake is that they have a plethora of programmes that one can choose from its various institutes including Apeejay Institute of Technology-School of Architecture and Planning (AIT-SAP).

When it was time for Anushka Gupta to look for an institute to do her architecture, one name popped up in her search – AIT-SAP. “I wanted to stay in Delhi. I had to look for colleges/institutes near Delhi-NCR that offered a course in architecture. During my research, I found that AIT-SAP was ranked one of the top institutes to pursue this course. And here I am a full-fledged architect working full time for the last two years,” Gupta said, who is working with Benjamin Benjamin and Vats in Delhi.

Excerpts from the interview.

Tell us about your work. Where are you working?

I very recently started working with Benjamin Benjamin and Vats in Delhi. Here I report to the director and principal architect of the office and assist the team in various architectural projects. My defined responsibilities include helping prepare architectural plans and designs and assisting in essential presentations of design documents, materials, and finishes. I also help develop and finalise building plans, tender drawings, and renovation drawings, supporting the execution team in providing clarification support. Before this, I worked with Rudrabhishek Enterprises Ltd. (REPL) where I also interned for seven months before I was absorbed by the company once I completed my course.

How and why did you choose AIT-SAP?

I wanted to stay in Delhi-NCR. And this institute is one of the best that offers a course in architecture. While I belong to Bulandshahr and my parents still stay there, it is not very far from Delhi and I can always go back home over the weekends or if I get too homesick. But in college, I stayed in a hostel and that was fun. When the opportunity came to work, I jumped at the opportunity to work in Delhi itself.

How were your campus days?

They seem to be so far away. I have been working for almost two years and college life seems like it happened in another lifetime. But I do have some fond memories. There was the college fest where my classmates and I had lots of fun. But then COVID-19 forced everyone to go home. We spent the next two years studying online; I also did my internship during that period. Overall, campus life was enjoyable.

How was the faculty?

Academically, AIT-SAP was good. I got to learn so many nuances of architecture here. Kuldeep sir, Shayamal sir (he has I think since then moved on), and Gulshan ma’am were very good. There was a mix of theory and practical projects. We had a workshop behind our building where we would go and pour out what we had learnt in theory on the paper there. We would also go on on-site visits; we had an admin building. We had gone there as well to learn about its steel structure.

Do you have a favourite building?

I love Charles Mark Correa’s and Louis Kahn’s work. What I love about their work is how they used material to blend in with the environment. I like the concrete work, light and shade work. I also like the work that has been done by the famous French architect Le Corbusier, who planned Chandigarh.

What is the most challenging aspect of your work?

To convince the client to go with the concept that we have thought for them keeping in mind their requirements. Before we get down to the actual drawing board, we take inputs from the clients and then get down to the actual drawing. My work is making these drawings and making a final project report. And this starts from the concept to budgeting and final construction.

What would your ideal building be like? What advice would you give to the client?

The best aspect before getting down to the drawing would be to take feedback from what the client wants. I would also go and scout the area where the client wants the building. I would look at the surroundings and see what the climate is like or what the wind direction is. Another important aspect to look at would be the sun’s direction. I believe that the building must not only reflect the personality of the client but also blend in with the environment.

What is the role the environment plays in a building?

It has a major role to play. Take an example. My company had recently designed a building where the client’s requirement was no sun – it was a guest house. When we sat down to design the same, we ensured that all the facilities that it was providing faced south; this meant that the lift and staircase faced this direction. The rest faced east.

“I have been working for almost two years and college life seems like it happened in another lifetime. But I do have some fond memories. There was the college fest where my classmates and I had lots of fun”

Anushka Gupta, Alumna of Apeejay Institute of Technology-School of Architecture and Planning

Why did you choose to be an architect?

It was my father who wanted me to be one. And I enjoy every day of my work. What I love is the creativity that comes with this profession. One can let one’s imagination soar high. It gives you a feeling of joy when you see the building that you designed on paper come to life. So, at present, I would like to continue to work.

Would you recommend AIT-SAP?

Definitely. What is not to like about this institute? The faculty is good, and the facilities and infrastructure are good. The good part is that the skills that I learnt here are coming in handy in my present job. I am familiar with the software that my company uses since we were taught about it at AIT-SAP. So, we are industry-ready when we graduate. 

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