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‘Apeejay Model Town instills much-needed confidence in a child’

Apeejay Model Town students Ajoonee and Asees’ mother Puneet says the teachers are very accommodating and friendly



Puneet Hazooria with her husband Puneet Pal Singh and their children

Puneet Hazooria, who runs a handicrafts business, says she did not have “second thoughts” when it came to enrolling her children Ajoonee and Asees in Apeejay School, Model Town. Ajoonee is now in class 6 while her younger sister is in class 2. In an interview, the mother talks about some of the reasons she chose Apeejay for her children. Edited excerpts:

Why did you opt for Apeejay Model Town?

Most of the children in my extended family are students of Apeejay Model Town and they are growing up to be well-rounded individuals with an inclination towards learning. Most importantly, what impressed me was the confidence that Apeejay instills in a child. Children studying at Apeejay have no fear of the stage as they are made to participate in various extra-curricular activities. When Ajoonee was born, there were no second thoughts about enrolling her in the school. Similarly, we were quite sure about getting our younger daughter admitted to the same school.

Tell us about your relationship with the teachers.

My experience with the teachers has been great. I have never faced any issue in that regard. The teachers are very supportive, friendly, accommodating and cooperative. Never have I hesitated to talk to them about any issue—I have always felt very comfortable. Sometimes, the teachers themselves take the initiative to address our concerns even before we raise them.

Do the children share the same feeling of comfort with the teachers?

Absolutely! They are very happy and comfortable with the teachers. They promptly ask the teachers about their doubts and the latter are always there to help them. The parents do not even need to intervene. If a child is attending classes regularly, they can easily manage studies without parents’ help. All concepts are explained very well.

Does the curriculum maintain a balance between theory and practice?

Yes, children are not just taught from textbooks but are taken to laboratories. They are also made to do a lot of learning activities which helps them to retain concepts that are taught.

Is Asees gelling well?

We have seen some significant changes in her. She has overcome stage fear. She did really well during the online classes. Now that physical classes have begun, she is having a great time. The teachers encourage her constantly which has brought about a lot of improvement in her.

What developments have you seen in Ajoonee?

Ajoonee’s communication skills are very good. Right from the second standard, she has been writing answers on her own. Academically, she has received a lot of support from the teachers. The school has offered her a great platform to showcase her abilities. Last year, she was also chosen as the Vice Head Girl of the primary section, something that she achieved with her own efforts.

Disha Roy Choudhury is a Principal Correspondent at Apeejay Newsroom. She has worked as a journalist at different media organisations. She is also passionate about music and has participated in reality shows.