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An air show that sent ambitions soaring high

Apeejay, Model Town students witness the Surya Kiran Air show conducted by the Indian Air Force in Jalandhar to commemorate 50 years of India’s victory in the 1971 war



On the morning of September 17, Indian Air Force fighter jets cut across the clouds with synchrony, accuracy, precision and speed. The Surya Kiran airshow commemorating 50 years of India’s victory in the 1971 war against Pakistan, at Katoch Stadium in Jalandhar, came as a visual delight for students of Apeejay School, Model Town.

The aerobatic team of the Air Force left the students mesmerised with their through awe-inspiring air tactics. The stunning display appears to have sent the ambitions of the students to join the Indian Armed Forces soaring. Class 6 student Nyesha Chottrra beamed with pride witnessing the spectacle and enjoying every bit of it. For Mitesh Dutta, the air show was like a dream come true. “The outstanding moves filled me with awe and inspiration, and gave me motivation to join the Indian Air Force,” he says.

His classmate, Bhavesh Aggarwal, found himself on his toes as he heard the sounds of fighter jets which made beautiful patterns by flipping and diving in the air. Watching the spectacle, his resolve to become a fighter pilot became stronger. A class 7 student, Praatik Kauldhar remarked, “Our Air Force is our pride as they protect the sky we live under.” He was thrilled by the coordination and the look of aircrafts, describing the experience as, “a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

At the air show, Dhvani Gupta clicked pictures with her friends by posing right next to the helicopters. Ashriya Gupta, a student of class 6, says, “Witnessing the series of jet planes demonstrating various skills taught me two important lessons: precision and professionalism. It reminded me of the school’s motto, soaring high is in my nature and taught me values of respect and honour. Her classmate, Ravya Gupta, post the show kept all the batches, caps, posters as souvenirs for safekeeping, remarking “I am familiar with the earthly life and today I learnt that the sky has no limits.”

“Exposure to different fields of work provides students an opportunity to build connections with professionals and learn beyond their immediate surroundings. Such valuable experiences enhance their confidence by giving them wings to fly.”

Ms. Sinia Sajith, Principal, Apeejay School, Model Town

Mrini Devnani is a Senior Correspondent and Marketing Coordinator at Newsroom. She covers student achievements, interviews and contributions for the website. She was a former Correspondent covering Edutech for the India Today Group, and has passion for Social Media and Digital Marketing. You can reach her at [email protected]

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