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All that glitters is not diamond!  



By Mayra Sharma

Once upon a time, there lived a boy named Rahul. One day, he went to a shop to buy his favourite potato chips. When he reached the shop, he saw something lying on the ground. It was a big and shiny diamond!

He was very happy to see it. He also noticed that something was written on it. To get a closer look, he held it in his hand and read the words. And then, he went inside the diamond!

When he regained consciousness, he saw a river and a big forest around him. A small house of a witch was also spotted on a tree top. After a while, he witnessed three children hiding behind a tree. Their names were Nikhil, Rehaan and Sona.

When Rahul went to speak with them, they told him how they too read the words written on that diamond and were now trapped inside it. According to them, the witch kept a precious ruby in her drawer which could get back their freedom from the world of diamonds.

And so, all of them made a plan. Rahul and the others knew that the witch owns a dog for her protection. Therefore, they went to the forest in search of some bones. Thankfully, they found one.

At night, they climbed the tree and saw the dog sitting at the entrance of the house. Sona showed the bone to the dog and threw it towards the forest. The dog ran to get hold of that bone.

And then, they entered the house to find the ruby. The witch was sleeping and the drawer was near her bed. They managed to take the ruby and finally, came out of the diamond.

They celebrated their freedom by breaking the diamond so that no other child could ever get trapped in it.

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