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A Rotten Apple



By: Sanskriti Saini

Once upon a time, a boy named Jacob was going to his school.  He was a very innocent and intelligent student. He didn’t have any friends, so most of the time he was alone. One day, when he was returning back from his school, he saw a group of three boys dressed very differently – one of them was wearing funky chains, they had messy clothes and long hair. One of them called Jacob and asked him to be their friend.

At first, Jacob was confused that he don’t even know them but later, he thought that it would be fun to hang out with them. After thinking for few minutes he said yes!

Later, the boys asked Jacob to meet them in the evening as they will have fun together.  Jacob was really excited as he had   never experienced the feeling of having fun with friends. He went back home, he studied, and later in the evening he went out to hang out with his new friends.

Few months later, the boys started giving Jacob white powder and said it will help him secure good marks in exams. Jacob was not aware that he was being offered drugs and because he trusted his friends, he started having it.

Soon, his father started noticing changes in Jacob – like he wasn’t studying much and was always busy on his phone. So, Jacob’s father started keeping an eye on him. One day, he saw Jacob talking on his phone and abusing someone. His father was really shocked and disappointed as he never saw his son behave this way.

That day, Jacob’s father decided to find the actual reason of his son’s changed behaviour. Initially, he was really sad that he has to spy on his own son, but he was also thinking that if he won’t do this then he would never get to know the actual problem.  After a few days Jacob’s father followed him and found out that he was meeting a group of boys regularly after school. He was really scared thinking about his son’s future. But he made his mind to understand the real cause behind his son’s behaviour. Few days later, he understood that Jacob has fallen into a bad company, which can ruin his life as well as career.

For the next few days, Jacob’s father was continuously thinking about how he can make Jacob understand that he has fallen into a wrong trap. He was also thinking that if Jacob won’t listen to him then what will he do. But one day when Jacob’s father was leaving for his job, he witnessed a lady arguing with shopkeeper that he has given her a piece of rotten apple in the box, due to which all the fresh apples got ruined.

 Jacob’s father suddenly got an idea to make Jacob understand that he has fallen into bad company. The next morning, he called Jacob and gave him a rotten apple and asked to place it with fresh apples. He also asked him not go out of home and just observe the apples for the day.

Jacob was always scared of his father as according to him his father was not aware about his wrong doings and his new friends. Jacob started observing the apples and after few minutes he yelled “What nonsense dad?! You are wasting my time.” His father said, “Why are you being so rude and behaving differently these days. You were never this rude, especially towards your family. Also, you don’t even spend time with us, you are just busy with your own things.” He nervously replied, “Wh-wh-why would I be changed, “and rushed into his room and locked the door.

On the very next day, when Jacob came out of his room, he saw his father sitting still on the same chair in the same position. He asked his father “Are you sitting here from last night?” He didn’t reply and asked Jacob to come and sit next to him and pointed towards the apples. He was confused, as last night he saw that only one apple was rotten and now all the apples have been rotten just because of one apple. He was not able to understand what was going on, as he was not aware that his father know all the truth behind him getting spoilt with a group of boys.

Jacob’s father politely made him understand that those boys are just taking advantage of his innocence. He also made him understand that why he made Jacob observe those apples. He gave him the example that earlier only one apple was rotten just like those boys, and due to that one rotten apple the other apples got rotten too just like Jacob.  He made Jacob realise that maybe next time those boys may trap someone else just like him.

Jacob had tears in his eyes imagining how his father would have felt seeing him falling into a bad company. Jacob hugged his father tightly and started crying. He murmured “Sorry, I won’t do it again.

I was wasting my time, my love and care towards my family. I am so sorry dad I have hurt you so much.” His father was now finally relieved to see a big change in Jacob. After few days, Jacob was back to his studies and gave all his love and care to his family. Also, he made new friends but not the spoilt ones.

Moral: “One rotten apple spoilt the other apples too,” that’s how one bad company can spoil you.

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