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A peek into my AIMC rendezvous



By Trisha Dey

With a wildly beating heart and a head spinning with thoughts, I inched closer to the big black gate of my new destination: the Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication! Spending over a year locked up in my house was treacherous indeed, but I have to admit that the moment I received the mail from AIMC that physical classes were to resume, my heart skipped a beat. Yes, I was excited no doubt but leaving my comfort zone, my hometown, to settle in the Capital of India, on my own, suddenly seemed an overwhelming task.

The first day as I started walking inside the college premises I wondered, what if I fail to make new friends? What if I get overburdened with work? What if I start reeling under immense pressure and can’t seem to take it anymore? When all these thoughts were circling inside my mind I reached the brink of the college’s gate and was immediately welcomed with a broad smile by the two security guards who took my temperature and asked for my department name. That was the first brush of warmth I felt, a feeling of home away from home. I smiled back, did the needful and realised that I was officially ushered into the world of media!

I made my way to the classroom and before my anxiety could take over I was surrounded by my cheerful and lively classmates, who have all turned out to be more than friends, almost like a family, greeting me with handshakes and hugs as if we had known each other forever! That was the moment I realised that the voice in my head was wrong all along. Apeejay is a family in itself and I am a part of that family. Just like when a baby is born, his/her family celebrates his birth, I too felt that I was born again and my family was here to welcome me with open arms!

Till date, Apeejay has been a wholesome experience. Not a single day goes by when I don’t complain that the class hours from 9-5 tire me out, but at the same time, the unique experiences I encounter within these 8 hours somehow make me fall in love with this institute even more. Whether it is Professor Naveen Gautam’s little quirks that makes the entire class burst into laughter as he makes editing seem easy-breezy, or it is Professor Aritra Mukherjee’s peculiar yet insightful assignments like “Write an article on the cow” Apeejay is slowly but surely turning out to be my dream come true!

With every new challenge, I get to learn something about myself which I was not familiar with earlier, exploring my strengths and weaknesses, honing my skills and eventually growing and learning as an individual to be at one with the media industry! I’m thankful for such brilliant guidance from the professors and hope to shine bright like the sun with newer experiences and opportunities, making AIMC proud!