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‘A lot of innovation needs be done in the growing healthcare sector’ says Kulpam Peshin, Business Head, PharmEasy and alumnus of Apeejay

Apeejay Panchsheel Park alumnus Kulpam Peshin says online medicine purchases and precautionary diagnostic tests have increased amid a surge in Omicron cases



In an interview, Kulpam Peshin, an alumnus of Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park, recalls watching TV host and school senior Manish Paul play basketball at the campus, knowing Nishant Berlia, Co-promoter of Apeejay Stya & Svran Group, just as his batchmate, and more. The Gurugram-based professional, who is now the Business Head at PharmEasy, also tells us about the values he imbibed at school, post-pandemic trends in the healthcare sector, and the future of online medical portals. Edited excerpts:

What memories do you have of Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park?

I had a wonderful time at Apeejay Panchsheel Park. I am still part of a few of my school groups; some of my closest friends now are from the school. The friendships I built during those years are very precious. Even today, whenever I meet someone from the school, there is a sense of relatability. Besides, I also cherish memories of playing football in school. Popular TV host Manish Paul was our senior and we would often see him playing basketball.

What values and lessons did you take away from the school that helped shape your personality?

Respecting your elders, humility, honesty, and avoiding extravagance are some of the values we imbibed. While learning from the teachers, we also developed a very good bond with them. That is the kind of environment that the school promoted. In fact, Nishant Berlia, now Co-promoter of Apeejay Stya, and Svran Group, was our batchmate. But back then, we had no idea about who he was; he was just like any other student in the class. So, I think, the school was a leveller to a certain extent where people from different backgrounds mingled, which was a learning experience in itself.

You have worked in a range of industries—from media and cab aggregation to healthcare. How do you see your overall professional journey?

I have never really been content with my achievements, which, in a way, motivated and pushed me to achieve greater goals. That has been the case with me throughout. Even while being a part of very established firms, I have always yearned for some work that would excite me, which is why I moved across various sectors, from media firms to startups. I have always felt the need to learn and to understand new concepts and ideas. The other advantage with startups is that you get the opportunity to do some exceptional work. The challenges on the way are a spur to even greater efforts. Over the years, I have learned to become a better professional.

Online medicine purchases have increased since the pandemic. What other post-pandemic trends have you seen at PharmEasy?

The trends are clear. Post-pandemic, people have become more conscious of their health. Following the pandemic, to keep co-morbidities in check, more people have opted for medical tests to track their overall health quotient. With increasing concern and awareness, the trend has definitely picked up and will keep on growing.

What future do you predict for online medication and diagnostic apps?

India has one of the youngest populations in the world. As they grow older, their health expenditure will likely go through the roof. I see a lot of startups cropping up in the healthcare sector. Diagnostic companies have just touched the surface till now—a lot of innovation and work can be done in this field. In the next 50 years, you will only see the sector growing from hereon.

Amid the Omicron scare, are people stocking up medicines, booking more diagnostic tests?

Online medicine purchases and diagnostic tests are going up, with an increase in the infection rate. The next one month is going to be critical. But I do not think there is any need to panic as long as we take the necessary precautionary measures.

Your message for Apeejayites.

Your school days are the best phase of your life, so enjoy this time to the fullest. You should cherish each and every moment. Your emotions and experiences now, good or bad, are all very precious. Those of us who have moved on would do anything to get back in your shoes, but sadly, we cannot go back in time (laughs). Not just academics, invest your time in as many extra-curricular activities as possible, something that is part of Apeejay’s ethos. 

Disha Roy Choudhury is a Principal Correspondent at Apeejay Newsroom. She has worked as a journalist at different media organisations. She is also passionate about music and has participated in reality shows.

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