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A delightful evening that turned scary



By Sanskriti Saini

Amber, Kei and Lexi were best friends. They were a group of teenagers who had a YouTube channel. They were very popular. On the occasion of ‘Friendship Day’, they planned to meet at a nearby mall and shoot a video for their channel.

When they met, they shot at different locations in the mall and enjoyed their time over there. After they were done, Kei spotted a scary park nearby. He got an idea to shoot a vlog in that park. He convinced Amber and Lexi to accompany him. And so, the trio decided to stay at a hotel till the night.

They planned to go to that park at 10 pm. They left the hotel as per plan and started walking towards the garden of the park with a torch. Amber asked Kei if they should go live on their channel since this is an exciting opportunity. Kei and Lexi agreed. 

Kei said, “What a brilliant idea, Amber! Our fans could also talk to us and this live show will be a superhit. As they started a live video, 180 thousand people joined them. Amber, Kei and Lexi were happy to see the response. They showed their fans the garden. After a few minutes, they heard a voice, “Help! Help! Help!”

They soon realised that the voice was coming from behind the tree. Kei said that he will take a closer look with the camera. But, when he reached the spot, he screamed very loudly and fainted. The camera fell down.

Lexi and Amber ran towards Kei. They too were horrified to see a dead body of a woman behind the tree. They immediately called the police as they were very scared. 

Meanwhile, their video became the ‘scariest live’ all over YouTube. This turned out to be an unforgettable day in their lives. Well, the memories from that day stayed with them forever.