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‘A chat with stars’: Poem by Janvi Sharma, Apeejay School, Tanda Road, Jalandhar



A chat with stars

I was alone in the dark night
Sitting on the roof
Having a feeling of fright
I can say it with proof

Having a test tomorrow
Is why I was frightened.
Knowing I have prepared still
Very scared

Talking to the stars,
About what I think,
Made my heart feel good,
I think I was doing what I should.

Explaining my sorrow,
To the stars.
They replied back
“Are you scared of facing failure
Or not want to seek perfection”

“Don’t you believe in yourself
You have prepared,
Think you will excel
Be positive!”

“I am a small star shining bright;
Without any fear,
And if you want to be
Like a shining star then
Believe in yourself”.

Then I got what should I do,
How should I be,
Thanks to those mesmerizing stars
I would love to talk to them again

Janvi Sharma,
Apeejay School, Tanda Road, Jalandhar