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Yoga soon to be introduced in Saudi schools as a sport



Yoga will soon be introduced to schools in the Kingdom as a sport, the president of the Saudi Yoga Committee, Nouf Al-Marwaai, has said. Al-Marwaai said there was cooperation with the Ministry of Education to introduce yoga to all schools in the country as part of the curriculum due to its significance for mental and physical health.

Notably, the Ministry of Commerce approved the teaching and practice of yoga as a sport in the state in November 2017.

Certified yoga instructor and founder of Ananda Yoga Studio, Khalid Jama’an Al-Zahrani, told a news portal, “Our school system in the Kingdom has always ensured that all its activities are aimed at contributing to the development of the students, from both physical and academic aspects, and I believe that introducing yoga to the Saudi education system is a nourishing and effective move.”