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World Peace is not an elusive dream. Here’s why



Everyone desires harmony which is why we turn to God every day. It is believed that the triumphs of harmony can be just as magnificent as war. In the melodious times of peace, we have incredible men, high considerations, and brilliant deeds which energise instructions, exchange, business and industry. Therefore, the tranquillity of the nation and the world is more significant than individual concord.

Tragically, world harmony was gravely upset twice in history. During World Wars, the monsters inside humans were at their peak. It is often said that World War I was fought to bring an end to the warfare, but its consequences were horrendous. Almost 33% of the total population was killed. Eventually, the League of Nations was set up at Geneva. Its purpose was to prevent conflicts in the future. However, it lacked authority and World War II began in 1939 and lasted till 1945. Hitler and Mussolini tossed every code of human morality to the wind. However, they were eventually defeated.

Later on, the United Nations Organisation (UNO) was set up in California with an aim of creating global armed forces. The four major countries were granted Veto power. Since its establishment, the UNO has been making an honest effort to prevent war and to safeguard the basic human rights.

However, the Big Four countries utilise it tragically as a platform for their own public agendas. The Cold War is still being endured, marked by their ideological differences; despite several top-level gatherings for demilitarisation, the race for atomic weapons is still persisting. Tests and detonations remain unregulated leaving the world on the edge of a volcano. But it is important to understand that nobody needs battle, because if the war erupts again, it will remark the end of humanity and there will be no victor to partake in the products of triumph.

Thinkers like Bertrand Russel have advocated the ‘One World’ government.  However, legislators are not prepared to set aside their own interests.  People believe that war is an organic need asserting that men are inherently competitive. This is why Mahatma Gandhi noted that only women can bring peace and harmony. They embody ‘Ahimsa’ and possess boundless love. They can give the nectar of adoration to the children and can raise individuals like Gandhi, Christ and Buddha. Hence, the world doesn’t seek conquerors like Napoleon or Alexander; it needs prophets of harmony. The world needs to let our mothers and sisters step forward and save the world from complete obliteration. Without them, world peace would be just an elusive dream.