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‘Without technology, two years of a student’s life would have been wasted during the pandemic’ 

Apeejay Svran Global School students win big at the Technocon interschool competition.



The modern world is run on technology. Not just does it keep everybody connected but has also saved the world on many fronts during the pandemic. For the modern man to succeed, he must keep abreast with the technological advancements in sync with the latest in the world of innovation.

Himanya Luthra

Taking this thought process forward, Modern School Faridabad recently hosted Technocon-2021, a virtual inter-school competition organised to showcase the technological skills of the students.

Apeejay Svran Global School students   participated in various events and expressed their imagination and innovation in the field of technology to come out tops.

Dhruv Pandit

Class 2 student Dhruv Pandit won the Judges’ Choice award in the Show and Tell category. He said, “The theme for my event was: My favourite IT gadget. I gave a two-minute presentation in which I explained the features of iPhone, MacBook and iPad air. These gadgets occupy an important place in my life. I do my school and abacus classes on iPad air. It has so many more features than a regular tablet. I also use it for normal phone calls and video calls. It has a retina display, lots of video games and many other interesting features.”


Class five student Himanya Luthra won the Judges’ Choice award in the E-Salutation category. She said, “I made a Christmas card with the software 3-D Paint. My card included a Santa Claus, a Christmas tree and a reindeer in the background of snow.” She added, “Around 20 students participated in the event but it wasn’t tough for me. It was a very nice experience. Actually my father is an artist. He taught me everything about 3-D paints. I aim to become an artist like him one day. So I practice drawing regularly.”

Class six student Vikrant Singh bagged the third position in the Slide Mania category. Speaking about the event he said, “We had to make presentations on the topic: Global technology in education. I made six slides in my presentation in which I explained the concepts of global technology such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and block chain.” He added, “I also spoke about the role of global technology in education. I focused on the role of the Internet and smart devices. The education system underwent a complete change due to the pandemic. The Internet and smart devices were a backbone to connect students and teachers.  Zoom, Google meet and other apps were crucial. Had these not existed, two years of a student’s life would have been wasted. I take Science to be a very interesting subject. There is always something new to learn. Everything around us is made on the principles of science, ranging from a simple drawer to a complex television set.” 

“To keep up with the changing world ,we at Apeejay Svran Global school provide opportunities to our students to unleash their skills and uncover their latent talents inorder to develop their personality.”

-Deepika Arora, Principal, Apeejay Svran Global School

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