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‘What makes Apeejay Faridabad stand out among other schools is personal touch’

Vivek and Priyanka Rastogi, who have enrolled their daughter in Apeejay Faridabad Sector 15, highlight how the school faculty engaged with them throughout the admission process



It has just been a week since Prisha Rastogi started going to school. Her parents Vivek and Priyanka Rastogi have enrolled her in Apeejay Faridabad, Sector 15, in class 1. In an interview, the father tells us that his daughter has already settled in school and is enjoying her classes. Vivek Rastogi works as the General Manager-Finance at Travel Corporation India Ltd. Priyanka Rastogi is a Senior Patent Associate at Singh and Associates Legal Firm. Read on to know what encouraged them to opt for the school:

What made you consider Apeejay Faridabad, Sector 15, for Prisha?

Every parent wants their child to study in the best school. In Faridabad, we found two-three schools that were up to the mark, and one of them was Apeejay. We chose the school based on the feedback we received from my daughter’s former preschool and other acquaintances. The interview with Apeejay went very well. I was impressed with the admission form; there was a lot of information shared online as well which clarified all our queries.

What are some of the qualities of Apeejay that attracted you? How would you compare it with other schools?

First, when you consider something, you always go by the brand name. Apeejay is a name that is known to everyone. It is more of goodwill and a brand name that Apeejay has earned over the years that made us choose the school. Besides, we liked the infrastructure of the school.

One thing that emerged as a major distinguishing factor was the personal touch at Apeejay. Right from the time I filled out the form to Prisha’s admission, there were frequent interactions with the school faculty. The sense of engagement was something that drew us to the school.

What was your first visit to the school like? Did you and Prisha get to interact with the teachers apart from the principal?

In the first round, we had an online interaction with the teacher. After this, we got to interact with the school principal. Prisha had her first interaction with the class teacher right before the beginning of the academic session.

Is she comfortable at school?

Prisha is very comfortable. She is having a great time at school and is especially enjoying the activities. In fact, she is very enthusiastic about going to school every day. She comes home and tells us all about her interactions with the teachers and classmates and everything she has learned.

It has just been a week since their session started. But the teachers upload assignments online so it is easier for parents to keep track. The class teacher also sends us updates on WhatsApp.

As parents, what are your expectations from Apeejay Faridabad Sector 15?

I want the school to instill the right values in my daughter. That is our foremost priority. With proper value education, she will definitely flourish in the future.

Disha Roy Choudhury is a Principal Correspondent at Apeejay Newsroom. She has worked as a journalist at different media organisations. She is also passionate about music and has participated in reality shows.