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What is yours, will come to you



By Mabondeep Singh

Harsha, the king of the Marayaram Kingdom, was a pious and loving human being. He used to visit the temple daily without any delay or break. During his visit to the temple, he sat on the stairs of the temple for some time.

Just because of his good behaviour and down-to-earth nature, two beggars sat along with him. One beggar, sitting on the right named Susodha, was very demanding and asked for things. Meanwhile, the other beggar, sitting on the left named Ram Mohan, had faith in God. He was self-sufficient and thought that whatever is in his destiny will come to him.

King was very surprised to see the difference in behaviours of both the beggars. So he spoke to his wise man, Wajeer, about how Susodha always asked for something whereas Ram Mohan never. Wajeer suggested if Susodha is asking for something you could give it to him, and if Ram has faith in his destiny, let it be. The next day, King was not well and asked his servant to cook kheer and give it to Susodha. In that kheer, the King hid 10 gold coins.

The servant went to the temple and gave the bowl of kheer to Susodha. He was very happy and started eating the kheer. He told Ram that the King had sent this sweet dish for him without even demanding it. Again Ram said, I have faith in God, and whatever is mine will come to me. After some time, Susodha told Ram that he was full and offered him the left kheer.

Finally, Ram took the kheer home to share with his family and was surprised when he saw gold coins in the bowl. He had a big smile on his face and his faith in God proved right. He was right, if one wants something then always spread his/her hands in front of God, and have trust in him, instead of regretting.

Next day, the King came to the temple and heard about the entire incident. He even told Susodha about how that bowl was had coins underneath.

Poetic गुफ्तगू – With हुमेरा खान @poetsofDelhi