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What if you discover your childhood beliefs were full of lies! 

Apeejay alumna Tushita Ahlawat beautifully narrates journey of love, healing, and self-discovery in her newly launched book ‘Bloom’



Alumna of Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication Tushita Ahlawat loves writing and has been living this writing journey since she was 7 years old. When asked what inspires her to write, she expressed, “Writing is something that has been with me for a long time. It helps me escape into a dream world where everything and anything is possible. It is also my savior to all of my earthquakes,  encourages me to be myself and inspires me in a lot of ways.” The 22-year-old always loves writing about superheroes, trauma, action and thriller. In addition to writing, Tushita is fond of public speaking, watching TV series on superheroes, courtroom and childhood trauma as well as listening to podcasts about body language and human behaviour.  In this interview, the first-time author shares about her newly published book – ‘Bloom’ on Amazon and more. Edited excerpts: 

How and when did you decide to take up this journey of writing and publishing a book?

I started on this journey in September 2021. While I was working on this story, I was writing it as a script for a TV series. Initially I never thought that I would ever publish it as a novel, but one day while I was having a discussion with my sister – I remember I was narrating the rough concept to her and out of nowhere I just said, “Do you think I should write it as a novel.” And she replied, “Sure, go for it.” And here we are in the present. 

How did you ideate and why did you name it ‘Bloom’? 

‘Bloom’ tells a captivating story of Olivia Arcane, referred to as Liv, and her journey towards falling in love for the first time. The book unravels some wickedly vile truths along the way, discovering and losing oneself, being betrayed by the very person Liv trusted the most and eventually, accepting all the truths and trauma and proceeding on a path of healing, with the help of her lover Harry, who herself had been through abuse and has a tangled past.

The pair embark on an incredible world-saving journey, teleporting from one place to the next, solving and collecting clues about the mysteries of the abducted children. Along the way, they unknot the reality behind this heinous crime and find the ‘Why’ of it. Together, they witness some harsh realities, have tormenting experiences, face them, accept them and support each other’s journey of healing and self-discovery patiently and bravely.

I wanted a name that has some meaning – something people can relate with. I reckon we all can perceive the title in different ways. For me, it signifies different cycles we all go through in life – from being born to learning to cope, having new experiences (good or bad), learning from them and above all, healing and accepting situations and people around us. And this is what the book is also about – so it sort of fits perfectly. 

Which is the next book in the pipeline?

Well, as for now I don’t have any plans for the next one but never say never!

Tips for aspiring writers or storytellers

For all the aspiring writers out there, don’t overthink, just don’t think about what other people will think or say about your craft and just do it. It can be really scary to express yourself but it will be worth it.

Harshita is Assistant Editor at Apeejay Newsroom. With experience in both the Media and Public Relations (PR) world, she has worked with Careers360, India Today and Value360 Communications. A learner by nature, she is a foodie, traveller and believes in having a healthy work-life balance.