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What I learnt from Delhivery’s co-founder



By Vansh Kalra

At Apeejay School International, South Delhi, we, recently, had an enlightening session with Mr. Kapil Bharati, the Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Delhivery, an Indian logistics and supply chain company based in Gurgaon.

He completed a B. Tech degree in Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Delhi in 2000. Providing end-to-end logistics and supply chain services in India through Delhivery, he takes care of the technology and data science divisions of the organisation and offers technical direction, real-time insights for businesses and decision support systems for logistics and supply chain players around the world.

During the session, we had learnt more about his company, and how it works. We asked Kapil sir many questions. One of the queries I had was, ‘How many deliveries does the company do every day’, and the answer was over 150 million in the last quarter.’

We saw several videos on Delhivery. I understood that it was a challenging venture and it involves every kind of transport such as business-to-business, and more.

The company also stores consumers’ data and uses over 1 terabyte of data every day, which is enough to install Windows 11 on your computer 74 times. Also, the reason why the company is called ‘Delhivery’ is because it was started in Delhi.

The session was insightful on how a business is run and the difficulties it can face. Thanks to Kapil sir, I learnt about solutions to various business problems. I was very keen to know more about their technology department and how it runs, the programming languages used, and so on.

Finally, I am grateful to the school and my teachers for this enriching experience.