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Simran Sharma

Getting a job offer in a campus placement drive is one of the biggest concerns of students. To help students succeed in campus recruitment drive, Apeejay School of Management (ASM), Dwarka organised a webinar on “Journey From Campus To Corporate” Series 1. An interactive session was conducted with three proud ambassadors of ASM – Simran Sharma (Deloitte), Shambhavi Bajpai (ICICI Bank) and Amandeep Singh (Tata Capital Finance). The trio shared their placement success stories with the current batch to help them during their placement drives.

Shambhavi Bajpai

Sharing her experience, Simran said, “I was selected in Deloitte on my birthday and that’s the best gift I could ever receive in my life. All credit goes to faculty members and my mentor Prof. Kamal Kishore who was there always to bring out the best in me. During my college fest, I learned how to work in a team, how to manage a team and how to bring out the best in everyone. These are the skills which are required in corporate world.”

Amandeep Singh
Tata Capital Finance

Simran said she had to face 3 rounds of interview, “First was the introduction round followed by technical and leadership rounds.  In the technical round, I had to explain technical terms and concepts related to my field and in the final round I was asked situational questions. One of them was, ‘You have 6 hours to complete two projects and both are important. Which project will you complete first and why?’”.  

Simran also highlighted the importance of a stable internet connection during online interviews. She said some of her batchmates couldn’t make the cut because of network issues.

O.P. Khanduja
Executive Director, ASM

Shambhavi, who is a relationship manager in SME department of ICICI Bank, said she was quite shy and reserved when she joined ASM. But, the faculty supported and encouraged her to take part in various activities organised by the institute. That gave her confidence to express herself freely. She said when you are a student you can make mistakes but in the corporate world there are severe repercussions for mistakes.

Dr. Ishita Adhikari

Amandeep, who is in Sales, Tata Capital Finance said one must take part in extracurricular activities to boost confidence level.  He shared an anecdote on how to handle tricky questions during interviews. “In the final round, the interviewer told me, we don’t have openings in sales, but we could hire you as a Market Analyst and give you better compensation instead. He was dangling the carrot to see whether I take the bait or not. Had I accepted his offer I would have been rejected.”

Amandeep also asked students to stay in touch with their seniors. This will keep them abreast with the corporate world.

“If you have your concepts clear, no one can beat you in the interview. You have to be up to the mark and clear about the do’s and don’ts. We will be able to place most of our students.”

O.P. Khanduja, Executive Director, ASM

“It’s good to acknowledge the market conditions. No doubt the environment is challenging, but I want to put on record that we have already placed 90 students. We have added a lot of good brands to our portfolio. I advise students to focus on their preparation and be ready to give their best.”

Dr. Ishita Adhikari, CRC Head, ASM

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