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Wearing traditional attire and dancing along, students own the stage at Onam celebration

Primary class students at Apeejay School, Noida, celebrate the festival with an authentic touch



One can search the entire world, but will never find another country as unique as India. What makes India the most special nation in the world, is the iconic amalgamation of different cultures, ethnic backgrounds, languages, religions and traditions. Every Indian state comes together to make the nation unique. Indians are aware from a young age that all religions stress equally on the practice of humanistic values and they all through different customs celebrate the spirit of kindness and benevolence.

Well, festivals are an essential part of India’s glorious heritage. They play an important role in our lives by adding structure to the socio-cultural framework of the society and bringing families and people together, as they join hands to celebrate these special occasions and practice togetherness as well as harmony in real life.  

Apeejay School, Noida, has always been ahead in helping its students to develop and practice positive values in a practical, fun-filled manner. To acquaint the students with the culture of Kerala and build their pan India vision, the school celebrated the festival of Onam.

Through this endeavor, the school sought to develop respect and understanding for one another’s customs and traditions that in turn would help build a peaceful India.

Class 1 and 2 students came together to present a glorious programme on the occasion of Onam. The celebrations started with reading out the ‘thought of the day’, followed by a short speech and a poem recitation that reiterated the importance of the festival. 

All students on stage were dressed in traditional attire of Kerala. They performed a delightful foot tapping dance which added five stars to the festive fervour.

Primary School In-Charge Smt Smriti Samuel was extremely delighted to see the vibrant faces of participants as they gladly matched their feet to the beats of the regional song. Speaking about the festive atmosphere, she mentioned, “Onam is a harvesting festival celebrated to honour the home-coming of a mythical-demon king Mahabali. May King Mahabali bestow his blessing on all the students and their families. I wish everyone a very happy Onam.”

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