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‘We must write poems celebrating 75 years of our independence’

Om Gupta, the prolific poet from Apeejay School, Pitampura, says nature inspires his poetry the most



Om Gupta is a class nine student at Apeejay School, Pitampura. The young poet is a skilled weaver of verses covering numerous issues ranging from the scenic beauties of nature to one’s entitlement to the basic rights of life as a human.  In the Apeejay Promising Poet interview, the young poet reminisces on his poetic journey and discusses the process of writing a poem. Edited excerpts:

 At what age did you start writing poetry?

I have been writing since class six but I have started posting my poems from only class 8 onwards. I was 11 years old when I began on this journey.

What was the inspiration behind writing poetry?

I have seen a lot of writers and poets at my school itself.  I would like to name my senior Divisha Dua. She inspires me so much. I also read many books and poems by various authors, so that also inspires me. Also, our beautiful Mother Nature inspires me a lot to write poems. Whatever I see and feel in my day-to-day life, I write about my perception of that. It can be anything. I recently saw some birds flying and wrote a poem on that.

Tell us about the process behind writing a poem?

First, I select topics from Nature. Sometimes, in competitions or events, there are specific topics given to us. Then I think about the topic. I take my time here. I take a notebook and write all the points about that topic. After that I combine them in my own words, sometimes I take the help of a dictionary as well. It usually takes me an hour to write a poem.

What was the thought process behind your poem One’s entitlement?

The poem focuses on human trafficking. I participate in a lot of Model United Nations events. I was a part of the UNHRC committee once. There I got to know how the refugees in various nations were suffering as victims of sex-trafficking. Then the LGBTQ community was also a victim. Similarly, we see around us that there are so many victims of gender inequality as well. So, I wrote for their rights, that they too are entitled to basic rights of life as a human being.

How does your school help you in writing poems?

Apeejay School, Pitampura, frequently organises many poetry competitions. The school also organises several class and house assemblies which inspire me to write more poems. The poem One’s entitlement was written for a school competition. I get to recite my poems on all these platforms.

What are some of your next works?

My latest poem is on patriotism. I feel every day should be a patriotic day. This is the 75th year of our Independence. I feel as dutiful citizens, we should contribute poems, essays and stories and strengthen the government’s efforts in the same. I will also write poems on nature and some on the concept of war and peace inspired by the Ukraine-Russia war.

Do you prefer rhyme or free verse?

I generally write in rhyme but I can also write in free verse. I prefer rhyme though.

Who is your favourite poet or writer?

I like William Shakespeare, William Wordsworth and Robert Frost a lot. I like Macbeth a lot. 

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