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We have made our doctor friends to switch their kids’ school to Apeejay: Dr. Lovepreet



Dr, Lovepreet with her family

Dr. Lovepreet (39) is a gynaecologist who practices at the Kartar Hospital, Begowal district in Kapurthala. Her husband, Dr. Jangpreet Singh Multani, is a renowned plastic surgeon with Sacred Heart Hospital in Jalandhar. The couple owns a hospital– Multani Plastic Surgery Centre — in Model Town. She talks about how the doctors in her peer group shifted their children to Apeejay School on their recommendation. Read on.

Tell us something about your children and their progress at Apeejay?

We have two kids – Prabhnoor Multani and Gurnoor Multani. Both of them are studying at Apeejay School, Mahavir Marg in class 7 and class 3 respectively. Their foundation has been laid at Apeejay since the beginning. I was happy that Gurnoor could go to Rhythms Kinderworld because Prabhnoor did his playway from some other kindergarten and it became difficult for him to adjust.

Both my children are poles apart. Prabhnoor was quite an introvert a few years ago but now he has become a very confident boy. He knows his responsibilities and as if he is the elder one in the family, he takes care of Gurnoor. He helps him in the work also. He has changed a lot. In the last 3-4 years, I’ve actually seen him evolve. He was shy when guests used to come home. But the grooming and the personality development that he got at Apeejay School have changed him in a positive way. He is a hard-working child.

Gurnoor is very brainy. He is a topper in Olympiads. He is good both in academics as well as extracurricular activities. When he was in Class-I, he had won the International Mathematics Olympiad, which was held in school. He grasps everything so easily. He is one chapter ahead of the teachers.

Why did you choose Apeejay for your kids?

My husband and I have done our schooling from Jalandhar. I was in ICSE till Class X and had to shift myself to CBSE for my Class XI. So, it was in mind that I want my kids to study in a CBSE school only. Then we found Apeejay School was one of the renowned schools in the city. When we visited the school, we noticed that the classrooms were quite airy. The grounds were big and open unlike other school grounds that were small, compact and closed. The overall infrastructure was perfect.  We felt a friendly atmosphere, just like it used to be when we were in school.  

As we got a good response from Prabhnoor, we had to put Gurnoor in the same school. Earlier, our doctor friends, with whom we used to meet over weekends, referred us to other schools, but with a great experience at Apeejay, we made them change their mind. Rather, we have actually made them shift their children to Apeejay.

Your views about the online schooling at Apeejay?

I am very happy with the teachers as they give time to each and every student. I love seeing my children getting individual attention. The approach of the school is so balanced. Even in the online class, the teachers know about each student. It is not like a 40-minute one-way session. They make the virtual classes interactive and make sure that each student is attentive. Students are being asked questions. Nobody can leave the class. The online classes are being held very systematically.

More importantly, we both are working and there are times when I stay back at the hospital for some delivery. I am impressed that both my kids are managing so well that they get up in the morning on their own, get ready and start their online classes.

The teachers are so approachable that they have given us email IDs, phone numbers. At any given point of time, we can ask them anything. For even a simple and basic question, they respond very calmly.

How important is holistic development?

It is very important in the current scenario. When we were in school, our priority was only studies, but now academics is incomplete without holistic development. Now the child has to be active, groomed and should know about other activities too. There is a lot of difference in the schooling of our times and what our kids get. We are blessed to have found Apeejay School.

At Apeejay, I am happy that my kids are participating in all the activities. They know about each festival, every occasion whether it is our festivals or Halloween. We never knew all these things. Apeejay has a very balanced approach. They are a right mix of education as well as co-curricular activities.

Are you happy with the teachers during virtual classes?

For one and a half years, the teachers are given their best. Every homework is being uploaded and checked thoroughly. Even the holiday homework has been checked. Special attention is given to the kids in the virtual classes. The teachers have been very supportive and approachable.

“Apeejay was the first to start online classes and now the first school to reopen virtually after summer vacations.”

– Dr. Lovepreet

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