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UK government aims to enhance its collaboration with Indian universities



The government of United Kingdom (UK) has reaffirmed its commitment to attracting a minimum of 600,000 international students annually. A particular emphasis will be placed on strengthening ties with Indian universities through initiatives like dual degree programmes and collaborative research projects. Notably, India represents the largest group of international students in the UK, with 16,185 visas issued between April and June this year.

The alignment between India’s National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 and the UK’s international education strategy is expected to enhance this partnership. Steve Smith, the UK government’s International Education Champion, emphasised this during the inaugural session of the India-UK Higher Education Conference in Delhi. He clarified that the target of 600,000 international students per year remains unchanged, signalling a continued commitment to fostering global educational exchange.

Recently, a spokesperson for UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak stated that there are no intentions to alter the approach towards reducing net migration, even in pursuit of a free trade deal with India. The spokesperson noted that the present migration levels are deemed too high, underscoring that this stance encompasses student visas as well.

Alison Barrett, the India Director of the British Council, has expressed enthusiasm about welcoming promising young individuals from various nations to the UK. She highlighted the UK’s eagerness to host talent from around the world.