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‘This university has great faculty’

The alumnus of Apeejay Stya University says that he always recommends students to study at this university



It doesn’t take a genius to guess where a person who has lived in Sohna would choose to study; it would be Apeejay Stya University (ASU). For Balveer Singh, who pursued his B Pharma at ASU, it was a natural progression to study at this university.

“I took Science (non-medical) in class XI because I wanted to pursue a profession in the medical field. I understood and knew my limitations; I could never have studied to be a doctor due to my humble family background but I still wanted to work in this sector and hence chose B Pharma,” Singh said.

Excerpts from the interview.

Where are you working at present?

Till a couple of months back I was working with Apollo Pharmacy. But some work-related issues made it impossible for me to work there any longer. I was a little sad to leave the job since I had learnt so many things but maybe my destiny lies somewhere else. While I am still working at another pharmacy, my dream is to open a pharmacy. I have already started looking and working at the paperwork and other licenses needed to operate a pharmacy.

What do your parents think of your idea?

I have a very humble family background. My parents are pottery artists from Haryana. And while they are happy with whatever I choose to do, they are just as encouraging when it comes to starting my work. My father was thrilled when I told him that I wanted to start a business.

How and when did you hear about ASU?

Even when I was in school, I was aware of the university. Everyone who lives around Sohna has heard of this university. Therefore, in 2017, I enrolled in the two-year diploma programme in DPharma. The best part is that it offers a thorough understanding of various subjects like Biochemistry, and Clinical Pathology; it also provides in-depth knowledge of Drug Store Management and Community Pharmacy.

The best part of ASU is that it offers a thorough understanding of various subjects like Biochemistry, and Clinical Pathology; it also provides in-depth knowledge of Drug Store Management and Community Pharmacy

Balveer Singh, Alumnus of SCHOOL OF PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCES at Apeejay Stya University

What attracted you to work in the pharmacy sector?

It is a little difficult to explain this but the whole idea of working in a hospital and in some way helping people makes me feel happy inside. Even when I was in school, I used to work part-time at a pharmacy that was inside a hospital near where we lived.

How was the faculty at ASU? Can you share some memories from your university days?

The faculty was very good. I am in touch with one or two of them even today. Manoj sir has been particularly helpful. And because of the great faculty, I had lots of fun as well. I was always a little serious but college days loosened me a bit. With my studies, I had a few friends and we enjoyed our time. This was especially true during fests. I played cricket as well in college.

Would you recommend that students pursue Pharmacy in college?

Definitely. It is a great place to work in. While salary packages after DPharma are lower, people who end up studying the three-year BPharma course are much better off. There are so many opportunities in this sector.

Would you recommend ASU to other students?

Yes, I have recently got admission done for three students. One is now pursuing DPharma and the other two are doing BPharma. If a person is interested in working in a hospital without having to study medicine both these programmes are good.

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