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This AIT-SAP alumna is creating colourful magic on canvas 

Designer and fluid art expert Pranjali Varshney says the art form has endless possibilities of experimentation



Apeejay Institute of Technology – School of Architecture & Planning (AITSAP) alumna Pranjali Varshney is a trained architect and interior designer who is fascinated by colours, textures, patterns and loves to experiment with different shades. She believes that every art is a depiction of the personality of an artist, a result of emotions which can’t be contained. That’s what led Pranjali to blend her art skills with her designing experience. The Noida-based artist is an expert in acrylic fluid art and has recently turned her hobby into business. “I created 60 art pieces for a Noida-based company called BlueOne. This is the biggest project I have done so far,” she said. Besides working on her acrylic fluid art techniques, Pranjali is a full-time mother, loves travelling and experiencing new places. In an interview, she shares her passion for the art and more. Edited excerpts:

Were you always a creative person since childhood?  How did you discover your love/inclination towards arts and craft? 

I was not an art lover from childhood but I loved to sketch portraits back then and always had a creative instinct. I remember an incident when I was in class 6. I had an exam and after finishing it up early, I started drawing on the back of my question paper to kill time. My teacher, while taking a round in the class, noticed my drawing and complimented me by saying “You have a good skill; you’ll go far, keep it up.” That was the day when it struck me. I never knew that I have a creative side. And since then, my love for art grew even stronger.

What made you choose AITSAP and how did the institute groom you to be a part of the professional world?

I think destiny wanted me to come to AIT-SAP. I am not kidding; I found my husband here (laughs). Well, I could have easily been selected in some government institute with my Uttar Pradesh Entrance Exam rank, but somewhere I knew that I won’t get the exposure and grooming that I could receive in Apeejay given the institute’s state-of-the-art infrastructure and highly qualified teachers. So I chose Apeejay in my entrance counselling session and got through in the first attempt. Apeejay not only helped me frame my professional life but also taught me about the meaning and purpose of life, about happiness, mindfulness and the art of living in the moment. Nobody teaches you this, but eventually you learn through the experiences and learnings you pick from your college and professional journey. My artwork reflects all those experiences and learnings.

You practice the fluid art technique. What is so unique about this art form?

Fluid art is not new, it’s been there since some time. But I believe there are few people who are practicing it professionally. The best part about this art is that the output will always surprise you –  after you pour the colours on the canvas. Nothing is pre-planned; hence every piece is unique. You just can’t replicate it and which is why I am so fascinated with this art form. I happened to find it while searching for art styles on the Internet one day. At that time, I was expecting my baby. I had all the time with me which I wanted to spend in a positive way. With a lot of trial and error, I finally started mastering it within a few months. Initially, I had never thought of turning it into a business; it was just an activity to keep myself creatively engaged. That is when I got a call from my friend asking me to do a huge commission of about eight artworks for his interior project. I was initially sceptical whether I would be able to execute it. The canvases were huge. Sometimes, self-doubt and a fear of the unknown can be debilitating. But I took it as a challenge to conquer all my fears. Well, I was so surprised with the output. 

That day I simply trusted my instinct and has led me to where I am today. Since then, I have been blessed with opportunities, met inspiring artists and mentors who have been a guiding light in my journey so far.

This art form is something rare in India, how challenging is it to explain to people about this? What’s the market demand currently?

The challenge with this art form is not about explaining the art style to people but justifying the cost. Honestly, this art is not just a brush and paint art. It requires buckets of paint and other materials which eventually make this artform an expensive affair. To sell your art, where people are still not ready to pay for ideas is challenging. However, things are slowly but surely changing. I have realised that people are ready to pay if they understand how much effort, imagination and creativity goes into creating such an artwork and that they will own something unique, one-of-its-kind art piece.

How do you see fluid art becoming a trend in the country in the upcoming years?

 I believe people are becoming more aware of many non-traditional art forms. They are more experimentative nowadays. And fluid art is one of them. This art form has endless possibilities of imagination and experimentation. These artworks not only depict the personality of the owner but also give the place its own unique character.

Harshita is Assistant Editor at Apeejay Newsroom. With experience in both the Media and Public Relations (PR) world, she has worked with Careers360, India Today and Value360 Communications. A learner by nature, she is a foodie, traveller and believes in having a healthy work-life balance.

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