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“Things that parents don’t understand”



By Ayati

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Riya. She had a YouTube channel with the intriguing name, “Things that parents don’t understand”.

One day, she found herself engrossed in an online game, fully immersed in the virtual world. Her mother entered the room and sternly instructed her to pause the game. However, Riya was caught in a dilemma – she couldn’t pause the game because she was playing with other people.

Riya considered herself a responsible kid and decided to take the initiative to wash the dishes one evening. As soon as she began, her mother suddenly ordered her to wash all the dishes. In an instant, her enthusiasm evaporated, and she no longer wanted to do the chore.

Riya had a deep love for reading books, often diving into fascinating stories for hours on end. However, whenever her parents or teachers told her to read, she inexplicably lost interest in it.

On another occasion, she found herself sitting in the toilet for a mere three minutes when someone impatiently knocked on the door, asking what she was doing inside. She jokingly replied, “What am I supposed to do here, make a sandwich?” It was just a playful retort to ease the situation.

Riya had always been a bit apprehensive about her parents discovering her YouTube channel, fearing their disapproval. Little did she know that her vigilant elder brother had already stumbled upon her video. Being a considerate sibling, he decided to protect her secret.

To Riya’s surprise, when she checked her phone, she found numerous comments on her video. Many viewers related to her experiences and left comments saying, “This happens to me too!” It turned out to be one of the happiest days of her life as she realised that she wasn’t alone in facing these everyday challenges.

Riya’s YouTube channel unintentionally became a platform for people to connect over shared experiences and laugh at the quirks of daily life. It was a reminder that sometimes, even the smallest moments of understanding and connection can brighten our days.