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‘The teachers are extremely helpful when it comes to providing holistic development’

This mother of two boys from Apeejay School Nerul says that her children have learnt how to respect elders



Most parents in India ask family and friends for a recommendation when it comes to choosing a school for their child. And while this is one aspect to look at, Priyanka Pasricha, a homemaker whose two sons study at Apeejay School, Nerul says that parents should do their homework and choose a school that fits in their scheme of things and not what others have to say.

“Though there is no harm in going by the recommendation of family and friends and neighbours, one must choose a school that suits you (parents) and the child. My husband, Varun Pasricha, who works in the refinery in the sales department and I were very clear about what we wanted our child to imbibe – to be better human beings – and we chose accordingly,” Priyanka said.

Excerpts from an interview.

When and how did you hear about Apeejay?

I have two sons – Tavish Pasricha is in Class VIII and a younger one, Hriday Pasricha, is in senior KG. When my eldest was eligible for school. My husband and I, like most parents, spent hours on end looking for a school that would fit our requirements. At that time, we were staying in Vashi (Mumbai). The area has some good schools. But as parents, we applied to all the schools including Apeejay since it is the best school in Navi Mumbai in my opinion. As luck would have it, our visit to the school tipped the balance in its favour; it is a no-nonsense kind of school with no pomp and show. Of course, it followed that when it was Hriday’s turn we didn’t have to even think twice.

What were your requirements?

As parents, we all look for a school that provides holistic development for the child. But we also wanted a school that had a strong academic reputation. Besides academics, I also want my children to be good people and know how to behave in company. Any school can provide learning, but being disciplined and respecting everyone in society is not a trait that most schools teach. But the good thing is that Apeejay combined this brilliantly. While there was a toss between Apeejay and Goldcrest High, I was not looking for a school where children showed off their wealth. I didn’t want air-conditioned classrooms. I want my kids to learn how to deal with all kinds of situations.

I want them to be academically strong and have holistic development. One has to be better than the best

Priyanka Pasricha, Homemaker

What was your reaction when you saw Apeejay for the first time?

I knew that we had chosen the best school for my son. He had got admission to all the schools that we had applied to but I got a good vibe here. There was no pomp and show and that impressed me the most. So much so that we shifted our house from Vashi to Nerul so that we could be nearer to the school.

How are the teachers here?

The best part of the school is its teachers. Even when Tavish was in pre-primary, the teachers were so good. And the same is for Hriday. They are extremely helpful when it comes to providing holistic development. Everything is done in such a precise manner – the teaching – that it is ingrained in the child’s mind forever.

What changes have you seen in your elder son since he started going to school?

He has definitely learnt how to respect his elders. When my in-laws come to stay with us, he knows how to behave with them. We have a small house; he knows that he has to adjust and share his space. He is very strong academically. He loves to participate in extracurricular activities – in school and those organised where we live. So, I know that he has a learning trajectory and that is good enough for me.

A lesson that you want your boys to learn.

I want them to be academically strong. Gone are the days when even if you were good, you went places. Today, every child is brilliant; they all get 99 per cent. So one has to be better than the best. They must choose their career path wisely and be able to stand tall in society. But that doesn’t mean that they compromise on moral values.

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