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The one who inspires me to excel



By Anika Chauhan

Athletics is a challenging domain. The runners have to decide what way they look at an obstacle. This decision has a tremendous effect on their lives. They may look at it as a stepping stone or maybe as a barrier. But everyone knows the better for themselves, so most will opt for the first to help themselves retain optimism, which they need to excel in their sport.

Speaking of excellence, especially in a student’s life, I would mention that excellence in any sphere — academic or co-curricular — is not something that comes just overnight. It requires determination, grit, hope, and, most importantly, a strong will to learn new things, gaining the most one can gain from every opportunity. And it isn’t only in athletics that we need to overcome obstacles, life poses tremendous challenges at every stage that we need to face with courage and learn lessons.  

All we need during times of adversity is one inspiration. We need someone who guides us like a lamp and shows us the way out of dilemmas or anxieties. Such guidance is precious to have.

And I consider myself no less than any such fortunate person having it. I have not one but uncountable sources of such inspiration. I don’t know whether people think of me as excellent or average, but I know I never do and never will fail to perform my best in anything, be it big or small. Who inspires me to act so? I give this credit to my father, who is an efficient doctor and has helped save innumerable lives. I can’t explain the immense feeling of admiration I sense flowing through myself when I look at all those trophies and other honours and prizes awarded to him for his distinguishable work in the field of medicine. He has won many other awards besides the coveted ‘Most Loved Doctor’ and ‘The Gem of the Hospital’ titles for his outstanding work. I love to dream that someday, I’ll have achievements as impressive as his to talk about and describe as my own. I try to follow in his footsteps. He is an exemplary figure in every sphere, which is what I am also trying to be. He inspires me to try and excel in all things possible. All I want to be is an inspiration as big to someone as he has been to me. When it comes to his being a father, I feel there can be none like him.

Every word of his and every sound he utters helps me in a way so unique that it becomes unexplainable. Those suggestions about academics and all that help with co-curricular activities – everything he helps me with takes the count to the uncountable. He is very patient, a divine quality that is a must for anyone who wishes to prove that a single person can bring a sea change in the world. He is just the kind of citizen each country would like to have – a conscientious citizen of India. I consider him my role model and my hero, and his personality, my target character. He is a man of stature pursuing sheer excellence and an inspirational spirit to many around him.