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The Magic of Tea 



By Jasveen Kaur 

From being an energy booster for the body in the morning to being a source for mind relaxation in the evening, tea is one of the most substantial components in almost every Indian household. 

A cup of tea is a poet’s perfect solution to ignite ideas, a mother’s best therapy to relax her mind, a father’s coolest companion when reading a newspaper or watching television, and a student’s best medicine to keep him or her awake at night to study. Well, a big thanks to the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung for introducing each one of us to this magical fluid. 

Tea has its branches of history that dates back to 5000 years ago, and those many years of tea drinking, tasting, and research have led to its expansion throughout the modern world. Sometimes, I wonder what would have been the level of amusement at that time when humans had their first sip of tea. It must have been a direct therapy to the soul! 

However, keeping the romanticised version of tea aside, have you ever wondered how beneficial and detrimental tea can be? Tea comes with an abundance of boons. Tea has its glorified variety and each one of it has its perk. A mingle of herbs, fruits, spices and various plants alongside tea leaves and with the zero amount of caffeine is what is offered in herbal teas. Tea indeed is an amazing and exciting adventure we all take in. But as we all know that addiction to anything in this world lowers its preciousness and benefits. So keeping in mind the pros and cons we should consume tea wisely and benefit from it in every way possible without compromising our health.