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‘Thanks to Apeejay, my daughter has developed an active interest in coding’

Pooja Arora mother of Apeejay Mahavir Marg students, Nishtha and Rayaan, says the school believes that the all-round development of children is the key focus of education



Pooja Arora with her spouse Rajnish Arora and children Nishtha and Rayaan 

Pooja Arora holds a graduation degree in Bachelor of Science and a Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Designing while her spouse Rajnish Arora is a businessman who deals in electrical equipment and accessories. They are proud parents of Nishtha and Rayaan who have been studying in Apeejay School, Mahavir Marg, Jalandhar since Nursery. The former is in class 7 and the latter is in class 2. In a freewheeling interview, Pooja explains why she is elated with the overall growth of her children. Edited excerpts: 

Why did you pick Apeejay?

I have a close relation with Apeejay as most of my relatives have studied from Apeejay schools and colleges. Apeejay is what you call ‘a complete package’. Every school will focus on your child’s academic performance, but a school that emphasises holistic development is not easy to find. Apeejay believes that the all-round development of children is the key focus of education. Apart from studies, due importance is given to a child’s physical, emotional, spiritual, relational and intellectual aspects. This boosts their confidence level. We don’t want our children to be bookworms. We want them to excel in life and for that they need to be equipped with life skills. Books alone can’t prepare them for the real world. The exposure that Apeejay students get from participating in quality extracurricular activities is unparalleled.  

Take us through the progress you have seen in your children since joining Apeejay.

I am elated with the growth of both my children. Thanks to Apeejay, Nishtha has developed an active interest in coding. The teachers have simplified the coding learning experience, as a result Nishtha has developed a few apps on her own. I believe coding is an important step to equip students with skills like problem solving, logical thinking, collaboration and design thinking that are vital for success.  Initially, Nishtha was a bit shy, but the exposure she got by participating in various activities such as debates, Olympiads, plays, skits, etc filled her with confidence and self-belief. Rayaan too is doing great. He is a good dancer and a great actor. He loves Karate and Yoga as well. Such varied exposure helps a student identify his/her strength early on. Apeejya helps unearth the hidden talent in children.  

Tell us about teachers.

Teachers always care about their students like their own children. They are like their second mother. During the pandemic they were available round the clock to allay the doubts and queries of children. They were the unsung Covid warriors as they kept the flame of learning burning. Even the school Principal, Mr. Girish Kumar, is easily accessible and listens with patience to the feedback of parents. You get a positive response every time you meet him. He is indeed a gem of a person. 

Share with us your memorable moment.

I have countless memorable moments. It’s not possible to list one. Still, if I had to, I will mention the most recent one. Rayaan was in Nursery and on Mother’s Day, I walked the ramp along with my son. I received accolades from the judges and others. I felt so good (laughs). 

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