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‘Teachers at ASM have been supportive throughout my daughter’s MBA journey’

Apeejay School of Management student Yuktanshi Srivastava’s parents are rooting for their daughter and hope to see her reach greater heights in her career journey



Yuktanshi Srivastava, who is pursuing an MBA in Human Resources and International Business at Apeejay School of Management (ASM) regrets not having been able to spend time at the college campus in the wake of remote classes. But in the online mode too, the teachers made sure to help out students to the best of their abilities, she says. Yuktanshi recently secured a job in HR at Lots Wholesales via campus placement. In an interview, the MBA student and her parents Devendra Srivastava, Service Manager, Anton Paar, and mother Sangeeta Srivastava, homemaker, tell us more about their experience:

How did you decide to pursue an MBA at ASM?

Yuktanshi: After clearing CAT, I was looking for a good private institute to pursue MBA. I came to know about ASM while browsing online. On speaking to my father about it, he told me one of his former colleagues was an alumnus of the same college, who gave us positive feedback. After much consultation, I decided to apply.

Devendra: Even in the pandemic, the admission process went smoothly. So, I appreciate Apeejay for that.

What has the overall experience been like?

Yuktanshi: My entire MBA journey was completed remotely. Given that most of my time at ASM was spent in online classes due to the pandemic, we did miss out on the campus experience. Having said that, the online classes were held systematically and regularly—there was never any issue on that front. The teachers were very helpful and were there to solve whatever doubts we had.

Devendra: From the feedback I have received from my daughter, she is quite happy with the classes.

Sangeeta: The teachers are very good. They have been very supportive throughout my daughter’s journey at ASM. Of course, she could not go to the campus physically due to the pandemic, but the overall journey has been full of learnings.

Why did you opt for HR and International Business?

Yuktanshi: Coming from a science background, I was encouraged by many to pursue an MBA in Finance. In the first year of MBA, when I got to study a range of subjects, HR was what interested me the most. That is why I chose the field. Along with it, I opted for International Business because I wish to work in foreign lands in the future where the course might be of help.

Would you say the curriculum gave you enough practical knowledge?

Yuktanshi: A major part of it was practical-based learning. Teachers would explain concepts through examples.

In what ways did the placement cell help you prepare for the job interview?

Yuktanshi: We had regular, interactive sessions at Corporate Resource Centre (CRC), which helped us prepare. Guest speakers and industry experts were also invited to guide us.

Devendra: I am happy that my daughter has bagged a job in a good company. But I would like to see her appear for more such campus interviews to gain more experience and boost their confidence.  

Now that you have worked at a company for nearly a month, do you feel ASM’s curriculum has prepared you well for the industry?

Yuktanshi: Definitely! As part of the curriculum, we were exposed to all potential challenges we might be facing in the industry and how to cope with them. We were able to learn new skills that are prerequisites in the corporate world.

Disha Roy Choudhury is a Principal Correspondent at Apeejay Newsroom. She has worked as a journalist at different media organisations. She is also passionate about music and has participated in reality shows.

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