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Students of Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park, bag top honours in art competition



Saswati Chinmayee

A highly-acclaimed art competition was organised recently by the Hungarian Information and Culture Centre on the theme: Folk Art of Hungary. Saswati Chinmayee, a student of class X-C, bagged the second position and Harshit Sejwal of class IX-A won the third position in the competition. Both Saswati and Harshit are students of Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park.

The Hungarian Information and Cultural Centre organised its annual on-the-spot Children’s Art Competition.  Around 25 to 30 schools generally participate in the competition. This year, 10 students from Apeejay Panchsheel Park participated in it. Of these, five were from primary school and the other five from classes 6-10.

Harshit Sejwal

What was the theme of the competition?
The theme of the competition was ”Folk Tales of Hungary”.

 What were the topics chosen by Saswati and Harshit?
There was no set topic but the children had to use their creativity and skills to paint any one of the two stories shown to them, right then and on-the-spot.
In this competition, students are given 30 minutes to narrate their folk art stories. They first listen to the stories and then get two hours to make pictures related to the stories that they’ve just heard.

Was the competition held online this year?
Yes, to ensure the safety of all the students during the pandemic, the competition was hosted online.


What was your story about and what have you painted?
We heard folk tales of Hungary and converted our colourful imagination to reality on a sheet of paper. This year I got a story about how the earth came into being thanks to God. So I painted some people listening intently to this tale as it gets passed on from one generation to another.

How much time did you take to complete the painting?
To make my painting, I took nearly 2 hours, 30 minutes.

Was it a watercolour painting or a sketch?
It was a water painting as this is the medium I am most comfortable with. Along with this, I used colour pencils to give some special effects to my painting.

Her Art work that made her bag the second position:


How was the experience of participating in this competition?
It was an amazing and unique experience for me. I created folk art based on Hungarian culture and I used acrylic colours for the painting.

I am especially thankful to my teacher who supported me a lot for this competition. She shared a video link of folk art of Hungarian culture with me. I watched some clips of the video.

Was it challenging to draw the scene after listening to an on-the-spot story?
Yes, it was very surprising to make the painting on the spot. I must say, it was a really nice experience that I’ve never had before.

The Art work that made him bag the third position:

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