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‘Seeing our son happy at Apeejay Faridabad tells me we made the right decision by enrolling him there’

Amandeep Munjal’s son Jai, who has just begun his journey at Apeejay Faridabad Sector 15, has already adjusted well and is enthusiastic about meeting his teachers and peers every day



Amandeep Munjal, an independent makeup artist, wanted her son Jai to be enrolled in a school that would provide a strong academic foundation. Apeejay School, Faridabad Sector 15, was the one that met all the needs, she tells us in an interview. Read on to more:

You enrolled Jai in class 1. What made you choose Apeejay School Faridabad for him?

We moved to Faridabad from Karnal recently. We were looking for a school that would help build a well-rounded strong educational foundation. My sister-in-law is an alumna of the school, so we knew about Apeejay Faridabad. We looked into various schools and got to know that Apeejay offers exactly what we need for our son. That is why we enrolled our son here.

What did you like best about Apeejay as compared to other schools?

First, we heard positive reviews about the school staff. Second, Apeejay is a school that focuses on academics, activities, and a child’s overall development. We wanted a school where the teachers would take good care of the students.

Did you visit the school during the admissions?

We could not visit the school since we were at Karnal. However, we had an online interaction with one of the faculty members. It was a great experience—it felt more like we were conversing with a family member than a teacher. All our doubts were cleared. The staff has been cooperative throughout, and we are confident that we made the right decision by enrolling him in Apeejay.

Now that Jai has been going to school, is he feeling comfortable enough?

Back in Karnal, Jai expressed reluctance to go to school on the second day itself. Now that he has joined Apeejay Faridabad, I have noticed a wonderful change in his behaviour. He wakes up early in the morning and is very excited to go to school. This is exactly what we had wished for.

Once Jai is back home, he tells us in detail about all the activities he was part of—from yoga to play–and what he had learned. The teachers encourage him a lot.

What are your expectations from the school?

As working parents, we are unable to spend a lot of time with our child. All we expect is that the school faculty gives my son personal attention and takes good care of him. I hope the school environment nurtures him well. 

Disha Roy Choudhury is a Principal Correspondent at Apeejay Newsroom. She has worked as a journalist at different media organisations. She is also passionate about music and has participated in reality shows.